Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lego Quest #45

 This week I showed the kiddos A POST I HAD READ ON MY DEAR FRIEND CHANNI'S BLOG
 about a LEGO QUEST CHALLENGE BLOG. Our kids were super excited and wanted to launch in and give this challenge a go! It was 'self portrait' and could be a 2d or 3d self portrait or it could be something that represented you.

The kids got to work immediately...

Lego was strewn across the floor from one end of their bedrooms to the other...

And here are their entries!

Stassi's is called
'Me and My Siblings in the Backyard'

And here's what Stassi (age 9) wrote about it:
"This is me and my siblings playing in the backyard. I love spending time with my brothers and sister outside and this is me on the swing. Elijah is pushing me. The building in the corner is a clubhouse that we play in".

Ethan's entry was called
'Us Living at our New House'
Here's what Ethi (age 7) wrote:

"I did us living at our new house because I love it there. This is me holding the lead of the dog. I made it out of wool. In front of me there’s a bonfire and behind me there’s a fish pond and a dog kennel for the dog. Our dad is cooking a special lunch on the bbq. He’s cooking fish..."

"The other photo is of what’s inside the house; Elijah, my brother, is on the computer typing out emails to his friends".

And finally here is Elijah's construction called
'Me and My Sister At Our New House'
Here's what Elijah (age 8) wrote...
This is me walking down the steps from our new house. My sister is already awake playing on the swing. And then I just see my pet dog ‘Sizzle’. Sizzle needs fresh water every day and dog food too.

They had a lot of fun coming up with their ideas and explaining their creations to us.
I think they are great, but I naturally, I am biased!

More to come,


Channi said...

they are awesome guys well done!!!

ps. love the new house and the dog is obviously a very important future family member!

caz1975 said...

Awesome work from your kiddos :-)Have you guys moved as there was a lot of 'new house' comments there?

lusi said...

Thanks guys!

We haven't moved yet Carolyn but it looks like we will be next year sometime! I'll keep you posted ;-) Hope you are going ok mate.

Love Lusi x

Nat said...

They are AWESOME!! The kids are so excited about the new house, aren't they!! And do you have a dog, or is that on the cards???

What a great challenge too!! I might get my kids to do it too, because they LOOOOOOVE LEGO and spend hours building.... well I'll let them play once they get their lego back as it was confiscated for the first week of the holidays!!


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