Monday, December 5, 2011

Melted Crayon Art Canvas

So you might remember that last week I posted about MAKING RAINBOW LOVEHEART CRAYONS?
Well with the left over pack, I thought it might be a cool idea to make a little canvas for the learning room gallery wall. I'd seen this idea posted on Pinterest before and thought we could give it a crack too!

Every Monday as part of our learning ryhthm, we have what we call 'crafternoon'! It's just a time stenciled in for us to have some intentional craft time. We didn't get a chance to do it then so we did it this arvo instead!

Here's how we did it:

Step 1:
Arrange crayons in some kind of colour order...

Step 2:
Run a line of glue onto the top of the canvas...

Step 3:
Put crayons onto the glue one at a time...

Here's what ours looked like once they were all glued down...

Step 4:
Explain to the kids about which parts of the hair dryer are hot to the touch.
Then let them have a turn at melting the crayons!
We found putting some newspaper underneath was essential and that holding the dryer above the crayons was helpful too!

Melted waxing goodness!

All the kids had a turn.
Here's Stass having a go!

And the finished product mounted on to our gallery wall in the learning room...

Ta Da!

Have you done this before?
Heaps of fun!

More another time.


Channi said...


Phyllis H said...

Love it, Lusi! And no, I've never done it but def want to now! I am going to pin this. ;)

singing mama said...

So cool! We are planning to do your melted crayon craft and now we'll try this too. So funky! Luv Donna

Karen L said...

Love your art wall Lusi, and what a cool idea with the crayon and canvas. I would love to have something like that on my own wall. Great idea.

Sigalit Chana said...

So, it really does work =) We may have to give it a try too!

Sarah Lou said...

OH I saw this on that addictive place you mentioned. I saw a lovely one done with all greens as well and then teh kids had made flowers and stuck it on so it looked like flowers growing.

It looks great!

what is yoru pinterest link?

lusi said...

Thanks guys- was a lot of fun!
Hi Sarah Hmmm I think my pintrest thingo is LusiAustin maybe? It just logs me on automatically. Hey congrats on your baby girl too!
Love to you all,
Lus x


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