Tuesday, November 29, 2011

You Melted My Heart

Actually, that's not entirely true.
You melted wax crayons.
lol ;)

{We used a $5 silicone heart mould and a basic pack of wax crayons}

{Unwrapping them}

{Liji was a gun at this!}

{We put just enough to cover the bottoms of the mould and baked them at 200 degress celcius until they turned to liquid - hmm probably about 10 mins I'd say}

{We waited for them to cool down. the side looking up at us was a bit bland but when we popped them out they were so shiny and smooth!}

{You can see the back of Ethan's one looks bland but the one's that Liji are holding are shiny and super colourful!}

{We've talked a little about states of matter before. Today I asked them what conditions would help change the shape of the crayons. Ethi thought the freezer might (he's currently conducting an experiment using the freezer and some water and milo!) and Elijah thought that heat would change them. We talked about how something can be a solid, then change to a liquid and while in that state, change its form because of the shape of the mould it sets in.}

{...and the best part about making love heart rainbow crayons?}

{...other than being super cute when you pose with them?}

{...drawing rainbow pictures with them}

Oh and um also...just for the record...you kiddos really do melt my heart!
Just had time for this quick post right now but hope to be back with some more updates soon.
Peace and love,


Channi said...

how awesome!

singing mama said...

what a great fun idea! We are going to try this!!
Luv Donna

Enid said...

Love this so so much!! Fun times!


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