Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What's in the Box?

Recently I received a great big box in the mail...

...and inside that was another box wrapped with a gorgeous red ribbon...

...and inside THAT box was a FABULOUS prize pack full of organic and fair-trade goodies!
I had won a competition over at one of my favourite sites CHILDHOOD 101.
Thanks so much to Christie and also to Mitsubishi Motors Australia who SPONSORED THE COMPETITION.
Here's a list of what was in the pack:

CODE: FT – Fair Trade, CO – Certified Organic, AUS – Australian made and/or owned, PF – Palm Oil Free, O – Organic, V – Vegan Friendly, PA – Planet Ark approved

  • Tielka Tea: Earl Grey Royale and China Breakfast (FT, CO, AUS, PA)

  • Gunbower Creek: Extra Virgin Olive Oil (O, AUS, PF)
    Heavenly Delights: Lemon Shortbread (O, AUS, PF)
    Port Willunga Fine Foods: Gourmet Snack Pack (O, AUS, PF)
    Lindsay & Edmunds: Sweet Tooth Gift Pack (FT, CO, AUS, PF)
    Sleep Sanctuary: Relaxing Bath Soak (O, AUS, PF)
    Siham Craftlink: Hemp Loufah (O, AUS, PF)
    Mokosh Organic and Fairtrade skin care: 2x bath bombs (FT, CO, AUS, PF)
    Gunbower Creek: Olive handmade packaged soaps (O, AUS, PF)
    Pure and Green Organics: Citrus with Coffee Exfoliate (CO, V, PA, AUS, PF)
    Gunbower Creek: Body Butter (O, AUS, PF)

    Talk about a prize pack!

    To win you had to leave a comment about how you are helping your children to become more environmentally aware.

    Here was my answer:

    Our kiddos (9,8,6 and 2) learn how to sort garbage around here at a young age. They learn what goes into the ‘normal’ waste bin, what goes into recycling and then what goes into the ‘chooks’ bin for composting. They love to watch our chickens devour the recyclable things we put in there. We’ve switched to making our own spray (vinegar and water) to wipe countertops and the glass doors/mirrors and because it is so safe for them and the environment, they are able to use these sprays to help without us worrying about toxic harmful fumes. We’ve also begun to make the switch to homemade shampoo and conditioner since it is more environmentally friendly. The kids mostly shower to a timer too.
    I think it is really important for our children to learn about these things from a young age! Great post
    Lusi x

    What a great giveaway!

     Now, I don't have anything to offer you for playing along BUT I am keen to hear what you do at your place to help your children become more environmentally aware. Please share!

    More soon.
    Much love,


    Peterson Party said...

    Congratulations :)

    Amy said...

    Hi Lusi,
    What a wonderful prize you won there.
    We do much the same really. In the name of school we teach the triangle means recycling and even our 2yr old gets on board, plus chooks & hopefully soon worm farm too. Home made cleaning products including washing powder/liquid or even not using washing powder as most 'dirt' is water soluble and I've found this ok. Some clothes need a nappisan type soak but not so often.
    Would love to get a garden happening but so far it hasn't :( maybe another year.
    Still loving your blog & your very beautiful family. Thanks for sharing your life with us.
    Remain Blessed xx

    lusi said...

    Thanks cara :-)

    Hi Amy! Thanks for your lovely comment. Great to hear what you guys do with the kids too :-) thanks for reading along too. An sending you my love!

    Lus x


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