Sunday, November 27, 2011

Hanging out with the Stitts :)

My namesake, Little Lus as we affectionately call her and her big bro Benno (both our 'God-children') came to visit with their parents (our dear friends) Pete and Tiff, last weekend.
It ws so lovely to catch up together.
True friends just pick right up where they left off.
We do that with these guys and so do our kids!
It's really lovely.
Pete and Tiff bought some pressies up for our munchkins.
One of them was a slip and slide!
Here are some of the snaps I managed to take before my camera died.

Pete and Tiff meeting Zeeki for the first time...

And all 7 kiddos together...

Me + Brett with our lovely little Lus and Benno...
It was SO great catching up.
Love you guys!

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