Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Quality Time

My sweet friend DONNA had her precious son Zephaniah way back in July this year.
I saw her 2 weeks before her 'due date' but actually began having very strong pre-labour myself around the time of Zeph's birth. Knowing that I've had short labours in the past, we decided not to travel far from the house just in case I went into labour again early and quickly.
Since Zeeki's birth, we've had sick kids and so have the Edwards clan at different times so its been very hard to catch up.
Well, FINALLY, last Monday we were able to do just that!
We went for a drive out to their place and hung out for the day.

{Lovely Mama Donna with Zephaniah}

{Taken through the window...we watched the little girls explore the garden together}

{Zeph has such a sweet nature and is already so big!}

{Liji doing a funky dance on the trampoline!}

The kiddos enjoyed playing together and hanging out in the sukkah. They really loved catching up with Lily and the little girls and as soon as we were in the car driving off that day they spontaneously said, "Thanks so much mum for taking us to visit Lily! It was so much fun!!!!"
Donna and I were able to chat about our birthing experiences, about life as a mama and wife and about our faith beliefs and the Torah. It was a wonderfully encouraging and edifying time and I always praise Yah for Donna and Keiran and their family. He connected us through a picnic a couple of years back and I would never have guessed that we would travel the road of friendship that we have.

Thanks so much lovely Edwards' for your friendship and hospitality.
It was so lovely to have some quality time together!


singing mama said...

It was so lovely to see you guys too Lusi. :) we enjoyed the visit so much :) I'm looking forward to catching up a bit more as our bubbas start to settle more. Love that the kids had such a ball too! Luv Donna

kathy said...

Friendships are such a blessing!

Andi said...

Love the dance! ;0)

lusi said...

Thank you lovely Donna! The time went too quickly though so we'll have to do it again soon ;)

Amen Kathy! Friendships are a gift :)

And lol Andi! It's so Liji!!!


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