Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Our New Nightime Rhythm

As with every part of our lives, there are seasons.

In this season, our family has been led to embrace the natural ryhthms of our family in different ways. The one I am going to mention today is our sleeping-nightime rhythm.
What does this really mean?
Well for instance, Ethi is an early morning person whereas Liji likes to sleep-in. Stass enjoys reading 'till late and Brett and I also love staying up late. So instead of forcing ourselves and our kids to do something completely different, we are embracing our natural rhythms whilst still having boundaries in place that help everybody.
Ethi, for instance is allowed to get out of bed in the morning early as long as he is quiet. He can choose to read or another quiet activity but he has to be quiet and rescpect that others in the house are still sleeping. In the past we had a rule where no one was allowed out of bed until a certain hour.
Liji is allowed to sleep in rather than waking him up and forcing him to start the day earlier than he is ready. He still gets his chores and things done in the day but he may just do it a little later than everyone else. Stass is allowed to stay up till late to read but she does this in her own bed silently so that she can let Zippi fall asleep (they share a room). This is her time and Stass LOVES it! 
Each day is different though and with the little ones, there often doesn't seem to be a rhythm! And we go with that too ;)
At night tine, we often have dinner, baths and then hang-out time in the loungeroom. 
After dinner we might play cards, have a family read-a-loud, play a quiet game of charades or a board game, watch Jnr Master Chef together, pray or just talk. 

{All the kids go to bed at the same time but if Zip can't last, she might fall asleep in Brett's lap while I read aloud to us all}.

The boundaries for our night time rhythm are low lights and no loud game playing. This way it helps everyone (especially Zippi) to calm down before bed. Zeeki is usually in his cot or asleep on me in the loungeroom during this part of the night.

{Ethi relaxing after a busy day!}

{The other night Ethi showed us his tooth that he'd lost that day and how the new one was already beginning to show! He recalled the story about how he lost it and how excited he was that there was no pain when it came out!}

{Zippi being carried to bed. This is one for my 'I want to remember this' series! I never want to forget the way Brett carries our little ones carefully to bed and their little arms flopping over the side of his neck. So sweet!}

If we aren't doing a family read a loud that night, the boys might take a turn to choose a story and read something to one of us or Stass might read aloud to the whole family from one of her Little House on the Prairie books.
{Liji reading 'The New Baby' aloud to Aunty Meng this week before bed}.

Embracing our natural rhythms in our sleep patterns has been just one small part of what we have been looking at recently as a family. We remain works in progress and know that where we are right now may not where we  will be in a year or even in a week! We are always wanting to do things as the Spirit of God speaks to us and leads us in His ways for our family.

Do you have a nightime rhythm that works for your family?


Heidi said...

That is a beautiful way to spend the evening.

kathy said...

My current night time routine consists of a screaming baby lol. Ezaria is not a huge fan of sleep! We have dinner, bath, stories or TV time or homework and bed. Mine all have different bed times. The two youngest are at 6:30 (I still breastfeeding Essence to sleep so that depends on what Ezaria is doing) , then the next one at 7, tgere next at 7:30, one at 8 and one at 8:30. We are very flexible though. I muss having family game nights. Its just too hard here with a very full on just turned 2yr old (the most full on one I've had so far) and a new baby its almost impossible :( I guess there will be a time for that again. I also don't usually have a husband home!
Glad you've found something that works for your family. So great that you can adjust to what each child needs :)

lusi said...

Certainly is Heidi. Of course not all nights are like this...some are just plain crazy but this is kind of the rhythm we have found ourselves in most evenings and are really enjoying it!

Kathy I think you are doing such a great job with your precious fam! There will be times down the track for other things like family games nights - you are right! In the meantime, it sounds like you have a great thing happening at your place, especially when you are doing it with J being at work. On ya mate!

Andi said...

Beautiful...and do you allow visitors for snuggling :0) I love blankets, low lights and warmth! ;0)

Amy said...

Love this Lusi. It is definitely a unique benefit to home schooling. Kids benefit from these times so wonderfully.
Here I try get kids off to bed around 7 but mostly go with the flow. Other times we will have a family movie night and ill take the sleeping kids to bed one at a time as they drop off.
So blessed in this way.

lusi said...

Andi you my friend would be always welcome for a snuggle!!!

Hi Amy! So enjoying your blog! Thanks for your comment-totally agree that homeschooling has allowed us to be a much more flexible family. Keep in touch!

Love Lus x


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