Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Kids' First Tool Kit

A couple of weeks back, the older 3 kids began a little project together.
They decided that they wanted to build a treehouse ladder in a tree in the chicken run.
I watched on as they planned and began sourcing timber off cuts from around the place to see if they could jam them between the branches.
Sometimes this worked and other times, well, not so much!
Liji started trying to 'hammer' some wood into the ground with another piece of wood.
I suggested to Brett that arvo that it might be time we got the kids their own tool kit to have access to.
He agreed and went to the hardware store to see what they had on offer.
For $32 the kids got a 4 drawer tool set filled with spanners, wrenches, screwdrivers and a heap of other tools!
He didn't buy it then and there but instead came home and took us all there.
We love for everyone to be involved in stuff like this - makes it ten times more meaningful to us all!
In the pic below you can see one of the drawers laid out on top of the heavy duty blue carry case.

An opportunity for the kids to try it out presented itself the next day when I bought home a cheap kit coffee table for the lounge room.
Brett took the time to patiently explain and show the boys which tools were needed and introduced some of the names...

His motto is 'the right tool for the right job!' and he explained to the boys what he meant by this.
They enjoyed taking a turn too!

I think this little tool kit is going to be very well loved over the coming years!!!
I look forward to seeing what other things they will design, build and enjoy thanks to this set.

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Andi said...

Awesome! I remember, when my boys were little, purchasing a small set...they were metal but really small for little hands...and to my surprise...there when the toy cars!


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