Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Joys of Play for Big and Small Peeps Alike

 Over the past couple of years, I've begun to see the importance of play for ALL our children; not just our littlies.

Play helps us all to learn.

Play can help with eye hand co-ordination, imagination, team building and sharing skills.
Play can provide an opportunity for our children to express themselves.
It also gives them another outlet for new experiences and therefore introduce them to different situations that they may not have had to cope with before.
Play provides opportunities for success and accomplishment when kids put their minds to something and then are able to achieve it!
Play can teach our children about nature, social and spatial awareness, science, maths and the world around them.
Play gives a chance for artistic expression, discovery and verbal description.
It can, of course, also teach them wonderful things about themselves and those they engage in play with

As you can probably tell, I'm passionate about giving our children (and ourselves!) opportunities and PLENTY of time to play!

Recently I bought our guys a $5 tub of play doh from K-Mart.
4 colours for 5 bucks...bargain!
I do often MAKE OUR OWN but this was a cheap and quick alternative at the moment that I thought it would be a nice change for the kiddos :)
I keep a box of plastic cutters and fun things that make different patterns and textures in the dough, in a box always at the ready to be grabbed! I keep the dough in a tub or in zip lock bags in the fridge. 

{Love that in this photo Zip has the play doh tub on her head!!!}

Our kids recently loved watching Junior Masterchef. They don't always watch it at night but they enjoy watching episodes online.
On this particular day of play, they asked if I would be 'one of the Masterchef judges' and they would each create a dish and present it to me to judge!

Again, seeing them initiate, create, imagine and discuss through the use of play is priceless!

{Here is Liji's dish...steak with a side serve of tomatoes, chilli, zucchini, peas and squash}

While the older kids were busy discussing their Masterchef creations and the different characters they were pretending to be, Zippi was playing right along side them. She enjoyed just rolling balls with me.

{We talked about colours and shapes during her playtime}
Stassi presented her creation...

{"This is a sweet berry pie with a custard centre with strawberries and a licorise strap"}

and lastly Ethi showed us his (which I can't remember right now but I will find out tomorrow and write it in here! I know he'll remember what it was!)

Letting go and allowing my bigger kids to 'just play' is a hard thing sometimes. I have to let go of my own pre-programmed expectations and associations like....hmmm they are too OLD to spend time playing with play doh! Hang on, who determined how old they should be to play with play doh?

Honestly, I wish you'd been here when they played this day and heard the conversations they were having! You'd hear how they spoke really eloquently while pretending they were on the show with their creations actually being judged! You would have witnessed their creativity for yourself and realised, like I have, that the play doh is actually just a TOOL! It was the tool on this day to help them create, dramatise and work together!

Learning is a joy and happens through play.....for big and small peeps alike!
Well, that's what we've found anyway :)

More another time.


Channi said...

we haven't done playdough in ages! I still love playing with dough and I'm 40 ;)

kathy said...

Loved their creations-very clever! Mine still all play with play doh! Just this morning I had all of them (ages 11 and down) playing with the Fisher price little people! They'd made a pretty good city! Even I like playing with play doula, little people and Lego :)

Nat said...

Just joyful! They are never too old to play. Ever.


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