Friday, October 14, 2011

Feast Of Tabernacles - Sukkot 2011 The Beginning...

 Sukkot, of Feast of Tabernacles, is the final feast on the Biblical Calendar for our year.
It goes for 8 days.
The first day and the 8th day are extra days of rest! (Leviticus 23:39)
It is a feast of rejoicing! (Leviticus 23:40)
We are told to live in 'temporary shelters' or tabernacles so that we can remember that Yah brought the Israelites out of Egypt with His mighty hand and grace and had them dwell in temporary shelters or booths (Lev 23:42-43) . We also remember that our Father sent Yeshua (Jesus) His son to tabernacle among us (John 1:14)! And we read about Yeshua celebrating this exact Festival in John 7!
You know the great passage that say,s 'Whoever is thirsty let him come to me and drink?" Well Yeshua said this on the last and greatest day of THIS festival! (John 7:37) 

The theme we chose this year for our family was simply
'Yah Provides!'

In the Sciptures, we read account after account of how Yah is so good to provide for all His people; whether native-born or grafted in! We are His people and He is our Good Father!
He provided the ram for Abraham to use instead of Isaac, He provided for Israel as they wandered through the desert (so much so that their shoes and clothes didn't even wear out! - Deut 29:5), He provided water and manna for them for 40 years, He provided a temple for His people and then provided us with our Messiah Yeshua.

Praise you Yah!

It is such a great time that God has set aside for us each year to be reminded that He is our Provider - Yehovah Yireh!
He provides TODAY just like He did for Israel back then.
This feast is such a welcome reminder in my life right now.
I set it aside to honour my Creator who makes provision for every single area of my life - the big and the little things; through the joyful and the painful moments...HE IS MY PROVIDER! And I stand in awe of Him!

One of the instructions during this time was for the Israelites to take branches from certain trees and celebrate with them before Yehovah (Lev 23:40) 
We don't live in Israel.
We don't have a temple.
So there are ALOT of things that we just can't do when we celebrate these feasts.
However, we can do our best, as a dress rehearsal, to memorialise them! To remember! To celebrate and rejoice!
So while we can't get those certain tree branches, we can decorate our little 'sukkah'  and celebrate together the best we can in honour of God and this special time!

So, the kids and I made some paper lanterns on the first day...

Stass made some stars from a template and then worked out how to string them up by herself...

I really loved how motivated the kids were this year to make things without any instruction (except a little for the paper lanterns) and how much they wanted to contribute!

Here is a monkey that Liji designed and made himself with a paper chain tail!
How creative!

It was too wet to set the tent up so we decided this year that we would set up a 'temporary dwelling' in our loungeroom instead!

We ate a special dinner of lasagne and salad...

enjoyed chatting by candlelight...

and eating some green jelly which we made ourselves!
It's been about 4 years since we've made jelly together at home (and I finally found one that is made from beef gelatine - yay!) so it was a REAL treat for our kids (and one that they had specifically suggested!)

During these festive occasions, I LOVE to serve using special things we don't normally use; like these glass dessert bowls...

Brett read aloud after dinner from Leviticus 23 (while I settled Zeeki) although in the shot below he's looking at a photo album with the kids!...

And we set up the loungeroom with our decorations we made...

Night night all!
Shabbat Shalom!
Happy Feast!

Yah Provides!
"He rides on the heavens to help you!
And on the clouds in His Majesty"
- Deut 33:26

More to come another time,


singing mama said...

Looks like a special time of celebrating for you guys Lusi!! How fun to all sleep in the loungeroom! Oh I have found that aeroplane jelly uses beef gelatine and so we often get that as a treat. I hope you guys continue to enjoy Sukkot together! Luv Donna

Enid said...

Fun times...and so special!!

nettypike said...

What a lot of fun and special memories you are all making. May you all be so blessed as you celebrate Sukkot and anticipate that Great Day when Yeshua comes again!


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