Thursday, October 13, 2011

Feast Of Tabernacles - Sukkot 2011

Well, today many people around the world celebrated this beautiful Biblical Feast which was ordained by Yah for all His people (Lev 23). As Brett had to work today, we will begin celebrating tomorrow.

{Camping out in the tent for this week long feast is so much fun and probably the feast the kids look forward to celebrating the most!}

{Last year we had a blast reading scripture and other stories aloud in the tent each evening}.

{Many of our treasured friends came to feast with us for the first night which is an extra sabbath, last year. This year will be just us and that is nice too especially in this chaotic season of life with a newborn!}

This year, however, will be very different. It will be just our family for most of it although we are really looking forward to once again celebrating Sukkot with our mates Heiko and Lori and their extended family on one of the days (this will be our 3rd year joining in with these guys and we look forward to it so much!)

{Last year at Heiko and Lori's with everyone doing Hebrew circle dancing - such a great joyous celebration!}

While our celebration will be much more low key this year, I know that Abba understands the season we are in. These set-apart times He has given to be a blessing to us, not a burden! We really enjoy reading through the Scriptures with our family and celebrating with great joy. We remember that Yeshua came to tabernacle among us! We remember how the Israelites lived in booths or tabernacles in the desert and how Yah sustained them with a might hand, so much so that the clothing and shoes the people wore did not wear out! WOW! That's some mighty sustaining power right there! 
(Deut 29:5) We remember that He will once again come to dwell with His people (Rev 21).

So, if you are celebrating this set apart time, I say Chag Sameach or Happy Feast to you!
And if you are interested in celebrating it, then I encourage you to read Leviticus 23 and perhaps even some of the other readings listed HERE IN LAST YEAR'S POST and pray and ask God to show you how He desires you to honour and memorialise this set-apart time.

Well, much love to you my friends,

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