Monday, August 15, 2011


Yesterday...we went out for a picnic lunch together...

It turned cold quite quicklybut it was still lovely sitting by the pond...

Today...I'm battling grumpy & quite angry kids.
Such is life though hey.
We take the beautiful WITH the challenging.
Sometimes they are days apart.
Sometimes moments apart.
But this is the life I LOVE and the one that I embrace wholeheartedly...challenges and all.
More another time.


Peterson Party said...

I looked at the pictures and thought you were near me. We have a park with a pond that looks so much like that one! How are you feeling?

lusi said...

lol! How funny Cara - similiar looking pond and park....just on different continents!
I'm feeling well thank you. Quite a lot of pressure and pubic bone pain with LOADS of contractions still but it's all Yah's way of preparing the body, isn't it. Not long to go now! Hope you are feeling well!!!
Love Lus x


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