Sunday, August 14, 2011

This past week...

 ...Zippi requested this outfit to go play outside in...beanie, gloves, jacket and camera.
She is such a little character!

This week Stass took this lovely shot of me and Brett...

and Brett took this one of me with our four (plus one in the tum!)

I had a great chat with my Natti and made this MCN cover (it's not so bad hey Nat?!?! lol! Thanks for your inspiration mate!)...

This week we had a play at the park...

...and climbed trees. Stass reckons this one is the perfect reading-tree!
She finished reading through Anne of Green Gables this week and is now 15 chapters into the sequel Anne of Avon-Lea. Thanks Bridge for lending her these - she really loves them!
We watched the first movie and I'll try tracking down the sequel to watch too when she's finished reading the book...

This week the boys spotted an activity in a craft book and asked if we could have a turn at it. It involved using straws to see if you could suck a smartie or similar candy to the end of it just using your breath. I was excited that they had READ the instructions about it themselves!
So we bought a packet and counted out how many there were in the box of each colour. These we then graphed. This was the boys' first intro to bar graphs. They got it really quickly.
Then we had a competition to see who could hold their smartie the longest on the end of the straw. These results were graphed on a line graph.
We talked about which force we use to create suction and they all said "PULL!" (we have a song about force being either a push or a pull).
Fun + Maths/Science = everyone happy really :)

We picked the first of the garden-harvest for this winter season....some rainbow spinach which we thanked Yah for and ate with our dinner the other night. Yummo!

This week Liji requested to make this project out of a craft book we have.
He waited until we had the brown paper bags from the shops and then got stuck into it.
He was really pleased with how it turned out and made a little video talking about it.

This week our Caboo arrived!
Thanks again MEREDITH!

Ethi asked if he could make THE EASY CHOC COCONUT CRUNCH RECIPE WHICH I INTRODUCED TO OUR FAMILY THIS YEAR THANKS TO MEL GOODSELL'S FAB RECIPE!This is the very first recipe that Ethan has asked to make from scratch, by himself, following a recipe.
He asked if we could make a video of him talking through all the steps which we did.
And he really enjoyed licking the bowl!

This week Brett finished work on his greenhouse (except for the little door he's adding) but I think it looks so GREAT!

Everyone helped shovel a trailer load of vegie soil into the wheel barrow...

...even Zip...too cute!

And she was rewarded for her hard work with a little wheel barrow ride from daddy...

We went to the Grower's Market and bought a whole heap of vegies and herbs"
common mint
and these will go in the herb garden where we already have a huge bay leaf tree, chives, chocolate- mint and curry leaves.

We also got from the Grower's Market some:
tomato plants
and a couple of other things that I've now forgotten! lol

We potted up the herbs...

The boys played footy...

Brett put the billy and some toast on the open fire out the back...

and we enjoyed a lovely Sunday afternoon tea out there together...

This week I made Brett's fave coconut cake/muffin recipe...

and Liji picked these lovely flowers for me from the backyard, brought them inside, found a vase, filled it with water and gave them to me as a gift.
So sweet :)

And this week I enjoyed finishing off some changes to the loungeroom...

This week:

* We played Music Notation Bingo
* Listened to Psalm 119
* Played the Board Game 'Pilgrim's Progress'
* Had Hazel visit and listen to my feelings about pregnancy and birth, check on bubs and reassure me that all was well!
* Posted letters together at the Post Office
* I had lovely catch up chats with Nat, my Anth and Lori
* We learnt a bit about Mozart and found Austria on the World Map
* Went grocery shopping (with Brett) while I went to see the chiropractor
* We talked about how close we are to meeting our newest family member
* I read aloud from several different books on the parts that make up a human eye (since Liji had drawn one in detail last weekend). So we had a look at all the different parts of an eye in books and on diagrams and labelled THIS SHEET by using THIS ONE FOR COPYWORK.
* Stass and I worked on two of her find-a-words from her book together
* Zip regressed a little with toilet training but that's ok...she's done so well with it so far.
* I'm now 38 weeks pregnant with Bubba #5.

Well that's about it as a recap from the week that was.
Hope life is lovely your way too!
Much love,


nettypike said...

What great use of a lovely backyard space. May YHWH bless you all! By the way, how's that CD coming along?

lusi said...

Hi Annette!
Thanks for visiting :) Hope you are well!!!
The CD is still being worked on by my dear friends Heiko and Lori. Still not sure when it will be out, but all in the right timing of Yah hey!
Bless you Annette,
Love Lusi x

nettypike said...

Looking forward to the outcome! Was thinking the other day how great it would be to have a music retreat for torah keeping/YHWH proclaiming musos. Just some thoughts in the back of my mind that may come to fruition one day. It would be a ball and I do miss jamming and singing with other musos.

lusi said...

That would be nice Annette! We sing alot around here and really enjoy getting together with others and singing to YHVH!
Much love,
Lus x

Nat said...

Hey!! The nappy cover looks great, well done Missy!!
Your backyard is so nice, and I love how you use it.
Nat xx


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