Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Only 10 Days to go!

...to our due date but of course we'll probably go over that since most babies do come after their due date!
Either way, we ALL feel so excited to meet our little precious one :)

Random stuff about this end of the pregnancy:

Right now, am feeling great :)

Went out to see Lori this morning for a cuppa and a chat (on my own while Brett hung out with the kiddos). She made me the loveliest cup of tea - just the way I like it - thanks Loz!

Not sleeping the best at night but I know that's Yah's way of preparing my body now for night feeding.

I still have quite a bit of pubic bone pain but I saw the chiropractor on Monday and he said he really thinks it is more just pressure from bubby being so low and ready to go since my pelvis was really well aligned. My sciatic nerve no longer feels pinched and I've hardly used the walking cane at all in the past month! Yay HalleluYAH!
Am very grateful for Brett being around and us parenting & house-holding together.

He's been working alot in the garden and it is looking great.

Caught up with the Vandors here briefly last night and the Leonard's too which was just lovely.

Am enjoying freshly squeezed orange juice and fresh ginger tea :)

Have made my labour aid juice cubes and they are in the freezer ready to go. Am going to get some coconut water too.

My Shepherd's Purse tincture is ready to go and use if needed :) Yay!

We set up the new double pram and car seat so they are both ready to go.

Am making another batch of lacation cookies....just because they are yum!

Everything is set for our homebirth. I made a list for the fridge of what to do when I do go into labour.

This is what is says:
* Call Hazel (our midwife), Mell (our photographer) and Dannii (my sil who will be looking after the kids)
* Put on urns
* Put on reverse cycle heating
* Make sure towels are out under vents getting warm
* Wheel out birth carts from spare room
* Set up video camera & tripod (this is already set up on our table but needs to be positoned properly and switched on)
* Lay down tarps
* Pump up Pool
* Fill Up Pool
* Get changed into my birthing top
* Get down kids' activity basket
* Light candles
* Have Lumix Underwater camera ready
* Text to those who have offered to pray for us during labour
* Soup to heat up in the Pantry

These are the things that we'd LIKE to get done during labour but whether or not any or all of these things will happen we'll have to wait and see!

What else? Hmmm...I think that's about it at the moment.
Keen as mustard to meet our little one :)
Hope life is grand your way!
More to come another time.


Jessy said...

Wishing you all the best for your upcoming birth Lusi. Xx

kathy said...

Your looking great Lusi. Beautiful pictures :)
10 days! So exciting. I keep cheaking your blog to see if you have had him yet! Who knows maybe you will be right and they will be born on the same day! Can't wait to hear your first homebirth story. It will be so amazing! Take care :)

singing mama said...

Lusi its so exciting that you will be meeting your little one soon!! Praying your birth is beautiful!
Love Donna

lusi said...

Thanks so much lovelies!
So excited!!!
Love lus x

tribalmama said...

Shalom Lusi,
wonderful to meet you and your family!
You look absolutely lovely...can't wait to read about your birth story. (Love them birth stories and babies too! :))
The photos of the family cherishing the baby already are beautiful.

Natti said...

Beautiful pics with your family hun xx


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