Sunday, August 21, 2011

Birth Playlist

I wanted to record here (so that I can look back on in times to come) of songs that I have settled on for my Birth Playlist. Here they are:

Psalm 23 by Temple and Brent

Fountain of Life (Song I wrote & recorded based on Psalm 36)

I will Lift Up My Eyes to the Hills by Andrew Hodkinson

Amazing by Janelle

Thy Word by Amy Grant

The Kingdom by Bethany Dillon

Praise Adonai by Paul Baloche

The Everlasting Arms (Song I wrote based on some verses from Deuteronomy 33)

El Shaddai by Amy Grant

Psalm 40 (Song I wrote based on some verses from the psalm)

Fill this Place by Matthew Hoffman

Master of Life by Zemer Levav

Track 8 (Blessed is He) on my dear friend's Heiko and Lori's first album

Blessed Redeemer by Casting Crowns

Blessed is the Man (new mix) from Andrew Hodkinson's latest album

Remember This by Beth Champion Mason (thanks Stephanie for sharing this one!)

Hear and Obey (Song I wrote and recorded for our album)

Calvary by Mason Clover

How Lovely by Greg Silverman

Show Me the Way (Song I wrote based on Psalms 142 and 143)

Mercy by Casting Crowns

Firstfruits (Song I wrote and recorded for our album about Yeshua being the First Fruits)

By the Rivers of Babylon from Andrew Hodkinson's new album

Return (Song I wrote and recorded for our new album)

I've loved listening to these songs during the pregnancy...especially in the late afternoon and early evening when I'm cooking or we are eating dinner together. I've often been moved to tears as these songs play; thinking about my amazing Creator and the incredible blessing of life He has given me to carry and birth. Often the kids will come out and sing the songs with me, throwing their hands up in worship or dancing around the floor with each other.

That's something I don't want to forget about this pregnancy.

More to come another time.
Hope you had a lovely weekend.


Leah-in-the-Kia said...

cant wait to read that you have given birth and then your birth story! i keep checking every day, did you go early or on your due date with the other babies?

Leah-in-the-Kia said...

also, I would love to send you a gift for your little man that I have made, can you email me at and let me know where i can send it to?
Thanks Lusi
Love Leah

lusi said...

Thanks Leah! You are so sweet :-) I went early with two and over with two so we'll see! Lol :-)
Thanks for the offer of the gift- very kind of you Leah!
Will be in touch mate :-)
Much love and thanks,
Lus x

Chrissy said...

I so *heart* your playlist sweetie, definitely a few of my favourites on there...


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