Monday, August 22, 2011

Around at Our Place...

The kids have all been making an extra effort with helping clean the kitchen each night.

They have what we call regular 'meal chores'. One person sets placemats, one sets cutlery, one gets and fills up everyone's drink bottles. At the end of each meal, they take their plate to the sink, rinse it and stack it in the dishwasher. They are the regular things they do each meal.
But, because I'm so pregnant they have wanted to pitch in and help out with doing the extra things like washing the pots, drying things in the rack, putting food into bowls with cling wrap over them and last night Liji got out the vinegar spary and wiped down the whole bench (which is a big job) - all jobs that I usually do. They made me and Brett wait in the loungeroom with Zippi and called us out to show us the 'surprise' (aka clean kitchen).
These probably seem like small things to other people but to us, this is HUGE!
To us, this is our children saying:
 we love being apart of this family!
we know that you are very pregnant mum and we want to help out!
we want to bless you!
This shows empathy and kindness and compassion on their behalf which is no small feat for a 6,7 and 9 year old really.

Yesterday, our family visited several nurseries.
We bought some squash, some vietnamese mint and some spouts.
You may recall a little while ago I bought AN ALDI YOGHURT MAKER.
Hmmm...let's just say it didn't work.
The glass jars though that came with it are MEGA cool and I'll be using them for some gifts I have planned. And the base and lid? Well we thought they'd be good to grow some sprouts in!


Popping some layers of wet paper towel down in the base and then pouring out the sprouts...

After that we added some more wet paper towel on top and put the lid on.
Then off to a dark cupboard for a couple of days.
Got to make sure the paper towels stay nice and moist!
We are all keen to see how they grow :)

No photo for this one but yesterday we went out for lunch and enjoyed a lovely family meal together...possibly our last one like that before bubba arrives!

This morning, we had yummy freshly rolled oats for brekky...

Zip loves helping to pour the small bowl of oats into the pot...

And she's learnt two things recently by herself:
1. how to open all the internal doors in our house!
2. how to pour out milk!

Found some pre-cut masks up at KMart yesterday.
The kids begged us to get some since just that morning they'd been trying to design some themselves.
When we got home they got stuck into decorating them...

You probably can't really tell from this pic but the chicken run has been extended which is great.
One of our chookies Magpie has a bad case of lice. This is our first encounter with it.
Brett has dusted them all and has bought a wormwood plant.

Anyone else got any tips on how to get rid of chook lice? Ideas GREATLY appreciated! Thanks :)

Well many blessings to you and yours.
More to come another time.


Chrissy said...

Bless their little helping hearts Lus. <3

Heidi said...

I love the hand grinder! We do everything by hand at our house, too. Happy family!

Leah-in-the-Kia said...

Can you please send your kids to my house to show my 8,10,12, & 14 year olds how to do that???????? what great kids to help out! good work

Alynia said...

How great of the children to help you, without being asked! I think not many children would do that, so yours are really great =)

Sarndra said...

Hi Lusi thinking of u heaps and wishing a safe and loving delivery for u n bub!!! any day now! SO exciting!! Your darlings are so beautiful. Lots of love Xoxoxoxox

Peterson Party said...

Wow, three days til your due date! How are you feeling?

Anonymous said...

Hi Lusi, Not long to go now (unless you have already had little "E"). Just wanted to wish you all the best. Take care and lots of love.

Nadia xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi there

Just popping over to wish you all the very best for your babies arrival. I am so excited for you and can't wait to see some photos of your new family member.

I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers and hope the birth is as easy as possible. Best wishes to you all. Lots of love from Susan McGuire (smiles1965) xxoo


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