Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Rocking Chair Makeover, Making Whey and Crafty Project Ideas...

I bought this rocking chair from Ebay last pregnancy so i could have a nice special comfy spot to feed bubby.
And it did us well.
It felt many a tear as I tried to deal with the pain of feeding for the first few months (due to the Vasospasm) and it witnessed many cuddles and kisses and special moments between me and Zippi.

Anyway, I felt it was long overdue for a makeover so this pregnancy, I got to it.
You might remember me spraying the old girl a couple of weeks back...

And here she is tonight...

....with a new coat of paint, a shabby sand-back, some laquer and new removeable cushion covers that I sewed up for her...

I think she came up a treat!
{And she matches some of the red/white decor in the family room where she now resides}.
I know.
I am a peculiar thing.

A while back I saw this little mini rocking chair at Sam's Warehouse for $30 and thought it would be so sweet for Zippi. She can sit in it and 'feed' her babies or we can read stories there together in that sunny spot (when it's not nightime and the blinds are actually open!!! lol!) while I nurse with baby 'E'...

She loves it already!

Now, from rocking chairs to making whey.

There are probably many of you reading this that have done this before but this is BRAND spanking new to me!

I've been learning lots lately about the benefits of LACTO FERMENTATION.

It's basically fermenting foods and then eating them and allowing the good organisms to help restore and maintain healthy flora in our gut. My BEAUTIFUL FRIEND CHRISTINE and I were talking about it RECENTLY and she was sharing about how great the book NOURISHING TRADITIONS BY SALLY FALLON is.

I happened to read THIS ARTICLE IN THE BATH THIS PAST WEEKEND. It's from an old Above Rubies mag all about fermentation. Serene mentions in this article that after 27 months at sea, Captain Cook and his crew ate 60 barrels of sauerkraut. NONE of the men on his crew got SCURVY which can of course be fatal!

I've also been thinking about taking THIS E COURSE ALL ABOUT FERMENTATION and read a great article this week in another magazine all about the amazing benefits of eating these foods on our stomach, our immune system and our general health. As a mama, if I can help my family keep our immune system up and ready to fight any nasties, then in the long term this will help make my job a little easier! Who wants to see their fam sick? And as for me, without a fully functioning spleen, I need to have all the immune-system boosting I can!

Since I don't yet have a copy of Nourishing Traditions, I asked Christine for a bit of help and she kindly explained it to me! (Thanks Christine!!!!!)

I also looked at the PHOTOS AND INSTRUCTIONS IN THIS POST for some inspiration!

Ok so here is part one of documenting the journey of making whey (which I need in order to make sauerkraut (which will be part two of this journey!)

To Make the Whey

Step 1: Take a 500g tub of Natural Yoghurt (since we don't have goats or anything else, this is what we are using!)

Step 2: Empty the Yoghurt onto a clean tea towel...

Step 3: Gather the corners of the tea towel and wrap with an elastic band.
Hang tea towel from a cupboard door handle and secure it with a second elastic band.

Step 4: Place glass jug underneath it and let whey drip into it overnight.
{After a couple of hours, I've got enough in there to fill about 3/4 of a cup! Looking forward to seeing how much is there in the morning!}

While I was visiting with HAZEL today, (she and I are working on a special project I'll share a little later on when it's finished!!!) she leant me these two books....

Cover Image


Cover Image
Both are SO LOVELY!

Here are my favourite project ideas from them...

This CUTE AS magazine holder (check out the baguette! Love that!)

and this bed pocket...too handy!

then from the baby book there is this pocket tidy...

and these adorable felt slippers (which actually don't look that hard to make!)

We had another antenatal appointment at home last night with OUR BEAUTIFUL HAZEL. We asked lots of questions and chatted lots about how to be prepared for anything that might not quite go right (as in what happens if she doesn't make it here in time or something is not right with bubby). So good to talk about these things and know what we would do if something like that was to happen.
Since my labour was so short with Zippi, we just all want to be prepared in the event that Hazel doesn't make it here in time for the birth. You just never know hey. It was such a great time to chat.
So nice to have it all happen in the privacy and comfort of our own home.
So relaxed.
 Lots of laughter too.
We also watched my last birth video together.
Birth is such a miracle hey!

Anyway, here I am at 33.5 weeks.

My back is still quite sore this week after sitting but I haven't needed the cane so that's a blessing.
I'm really trying to remember to take my magnesium and calcium sups but forget a little too often!
This boy is SUPER energetic - massive kicks and rolls that all the family love feeling.
Love that the kids kiss him on my tummy as soon as I wake up, or come home from somewhere and before they go to bed. So sweet. They already adore him.
Still feeling pretty energetic until about 7ish at night but then sometimes get a second wind.
Been baking and cooking quite a bit still.
All in all, things are great, Praise to Yah!

Well must fly.
Please let me know if you've had success with making lacto fermented vegies or whey.
If you want to refer me to any blogs or books that talk more in depth about these things, please feel free!


Mar'ah said...

I LOVE the rocking chair!!! I have one that I need to re-do as well...the cover is green and does not go into my home...not in any room. Looking forward to getting mine done soon.

I love your antique finish too! :)

Congrats on the upcoming baby and what a cute pregnant pic...none of mine looked cute at all! :)

Mommy Set Free said...

I always love to get my eye candy here Lusi! :-)

Hey, you know to keep the cheese in the sack, right??? You just made cream cheese too!

Whey keeps a good long time time in the fridge but you'll want to eat your cream cheese up this week.

Much Love, p

Michelle said...

You are so cute! and productive! wow, love this post. . . and pray you have this much energy through the rest of your pregnancy. =)

I love Nourishing Traditions. We make the lacto-fermented salsa about once a week in the Summer. I soak my grains with a little whey, too. I would like to make fermented pickles next. =) Have FUN!

singing mama said...

Love the rocking chair makeover! Ive disliked the rocking chair looks that we bought off ebay when Auri was a baby and i keep meaning to make it over, I def and feeling inspired now!!
You look lovely at 32 weeks!

And yes I used to make cream cheese and whey often :) fun hey!

Luv Donna

Enid said...

Love this post, Love the chair...oh my so cute! Great Job!
Humm I will love to get this book sometime!
Love Enid


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