Saturday, June 25, 2011

The week that was + Sabbath...

We had some wild weather this week!
We found the trampoline like this one morning after some wild winds which had ripped the pegs right out of the ground that normally hold this big baby down!

It got quite bent out of shape so it's out of action at the mo...

Later in the day we got our first (and possibly only) snowfall for the year!
The kids thought it rocked and made the most of it by quickly rugging up, trying to catch flakes on their tongues and dancing in it on the front lawn. It didn't settle but they didn't care!
Mega fun!

This week we baked the EASY CHOCOLATE CRUNCH THAT THE LOVELY MEL GOODSELL SHARED ON HER BLOG RECENTLY. And when I say 'we' I mean 'we'! Zippi LOVED making this with the kiddos..

Stass wrote out the recipe into her own recipe book - she has such a great collection of recipes in there at the moment. I think they are going to be a priceless treasure for her to look back on when she is grown - seeing these lovely recipes she made as a child written in her own hand...

Her recipe book and the finished slice (YUMMO Mel - thanks for sharing!)

This is me at 31 weeks pregnant :)

My back has the same; on and off with pain but Yah is so faithful in getting us through!
I had my monthly checkup with MY LOVELY MIDWIFE HAZEL this week.
We talked about some post-birth herbs, about the birthing pool and of course heard bubba's strong heartbeat...yay!
I got my copy of 'BIRTHINGS' MAGAZINE WHICH IS PUT OUT BY H.A.S and it was so lovely to see a dear friend of mine in there. We had lost touch after many years but have been able to connect this week which was SO lovely - Hi M! :)
* I completed my birthing banner this week
* I also made a removeable changetable cover for the changemat out of a sheet I bought from the op shop for $3! Bargain! Feels great to be sewing again. Am hoping I might have some time to make a couple of MCN covers before bubba arrives...we'll see! 
This week I took all the kids to our local ABA (AUSTRALIAN BREASTFEEDING ASSOCIATION) MEETING and it was so great because there were some kids their age there who were also homeschoolers. They had a great time playing together and also caring for the little ones there too. Was a lovely time :) I'm really enjoying connecting with like-minded mums again.
Oh and praise Yah - on the way to the meeting I fell down an unmarked step and landed straight on my knees. I ripped my jeans open and my knee too :( I was carrying Zippi in my arms at the time and so
a) praise Yah that Zippi was unhurt
b) praise Him that I did NOT land on my stomach since I landed forward - this was miraculous!
c) that my knee is healing well now!

After the ABA meeting, I took the kids to a local park for a nice run around in the sun (fully taking advantage of this warmer winter weather knowing that it can change at any time up here without notice!!!)
We played there for a little bit and I realised it was lunch time.
So we all hopped back in the car and headed down the road to our local chip shop and got a big serving of hot chips!
We went back to the same park and sat under this huge tree and had a 'tree party' together!!!
It was so sweet :)
My precious munchkins -so lovely to just be together and enjoy each other's company :)
I feel so blessed!
We sat and ate chips on the blanket and brainstormed ideas about what they want to do if they are present for the birth.
Each child came up with lots of different ideas that they want to do and be a part of. I am planning on photographing these ideas, printing of the photos and popping them into their own little album that each child can grab during the labour in the event that they are here (some want to be here and others are not so sure! we may or may not have people around to take them and so we want them to be as prepared and as comfortable as possible if they are present for the birth).
Anyway, here's a small collage (from my iphone) of our tree-party!
I'll never forget that time.
Felt very precious to me and is one very special pregnancy memory so far...

We continued reading Story of the World this week and we learnt a little about Ancient Africa.
We looked at some petroglyphs online and then had a go at making something like one using some crayons and drawing on sandpaper. They really liked this activity :)

I made my own version of Ratatouille this week served on sliced homemade garlic breads with a simple vinegarette. Was delish!

Other learning opportunities the kids had this week in our life were:

* The kids learning how use the self-serve check out at Coles
* Selecting and Printing off their own CALVARY CHAPEL WORKSHEETS and completing SO many of the colouring sheets and the find-a-words while singing songs from the 'Sound of Music' and 'Fiddler on the Roof' together!
* The older 3 went grocery shopping with Brett this week and helped out with that
* They enjoyed playing many games of 'Ball Tip' on the front and back lawns with Brett
* We have an upcoming rental inspection and so everyone got in to help with some extra cleaning jobs around the house
* We've really noticed that Ethi is having less emotional outburts which is so great! He's been super helpful this week (ex: reading to Zippi) and earned a coupon which he redeemed for 30 mins of group WII time. Liji earnt one too this week and included Stass in his coupon reward and Stass chose a family movie night for hers. (More on the coupon charts another time)
* Liji reading signs everywhere we go now!
* Stass learnt how to make vegie stock from scratch and wrote this out in her recipe book
* Stass asking a store clerk for help to find a particular DVD at the rental store
* We FINALLY finished our family read aloud of 'Famer Boy' from the Little House on the Prairie series. It feels like I've been reading that book for a life time now! lol They were so happy when we finished it and kept talking about it the next day!

Today for Shabbat, I got to sleep in till almost 10am! I was awake before that but lying in bed reading was very relaxing!!!
The kids played outside in the sunshine with Brett.
I continued my reading in the book of Joshua.
We had a yummy picnic lunch out the back under the clothesline with some homemade coleslaw and turkey rolls.
Then we headed out to visit with our lovely friends DONNA AND KEIRAN AND THEIR GIRLS.
On the way out there, Brett read to the kids from 2 Kings about how Elijah parted the Jordan waters and how Elisha wanted to stay with him and not leave his side. The kids shared what they thought it might all mean then got back to working on their Elijah and Elisha wordsearch sheets that Brett had printed off for them.
We got to spend some lovely time hanging out together sharing our hearts and lives and letting the kids just play together in the park...

Zippi said to Auri, "I'll catch you Auri!" lol!!!!

The big girls got to spend some lovely time chatting. Stass really enjoyed this time with Lil...

The little girls in the 'mouse house'.
Our big kids are STILL talking about 'how cool' this thing is!!!

Brett and Zip hanging out, literally, on the flying fox!

Our beautiful big girls together...

I had my camera with me and so asked Donna if she would like some pregnancy shots taken. She's 38 weeks now! I'm no professional photographer by any standard but I really liked some of the shots - here's my fave...

The park itself was really lovely and of course Donna looks as gorgeous as ever!

She took a photo of my baby tum too today...

Well that's about it for this post.

Shabbat Shalom to you all :)

I'll leave you with the verse that has been circling around in my head all day...

"Stand at the crossroads and look
Ask for the Ancient Path
Ask where the good way is
And walk in it

More to come another time,


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous Blog Lus- I have NO idea where you find the time! Wonderful to touch base again this week after all these years. Keep me posted on Bubba news & call whenever you feel like a chat x :)
Shabbat Shalom to you gorgeous crew
M x

lusi said...

Awwww lovely M! You made my day with your comment :-) Will definitely keep in touch!
Much love and Shabbat Shalom to you guys too.
Love Lus x

Lilacstitcher said...

Sounds like it was a lovely week Lusi. Praise YaH for all the good things.
THe pregnancy photos are really lovely too ( all your photos are).
Love E

lusi said...

Thanks E :)Praise Yah indeed :)
Hope you guys are all well! Love to get together sometime soon.
Much love,
Lus x

Mel said...

Great photos Lusi!
Thanks for trying my recipe too, take care,
Mel xo

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing, I always love seeing your photos.

I also love that your teaching your children such a wide variety of different things. I am sure homeschooling is a lot of hard work but I can see the results your making and I am proud of your efforts.

Having your eldest daughter write out recipes and keep them in a book is so precious. This is such a special keepsake, well thought of. In many years to come she will treasure that cook book so much.

Thank the Lord you did not get seriously hurt with your recent fall. What a fright you must have got. I hope your knees feel ok now. Take care and keep warm.

Lots of love from Susan McGuire (smiles1865) xxoo

lusi said...

Thanks Mel for popping by!

And Susan, thank you for taking the time to leave such an encouraging message. It really touched my heart. Sending hugs and love to you,
Lus x


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