Thursday, June 30, 2011

Learning this week has looked a bit like this...

Learning this week has looked a bit like this...

Learning to use the potty when we are out and about (ahem on the side of the Great Western Highway even!) and all of us cheering her on and celebrating achievements together!

Learning to take calculated risks...

...which for this guy a couple of years back pre-diagnosis was unheard of.
Check him out now!

Even little Zip had a fang around...

Learning how to concentrate hard (see you can tell by his tongue sticking out!) and putting your mind to a challenge even when there are bigger kids around watching!

Including this photo cause I just love it of Ethi..

Learning to do more complicated find-a-words that they printed off themselves...

Learning to do daily + weekly chores and even a little extra when a rental inspection is due (like it was this week!) Each of them pitched in to help and tried some new jobs too (btw my cornflour spray worked a TREAT on the grime above the fridge and rangehood - man that stuck cuts through grease! Impressive considering it's only cornflour and water!!! Anyhoo....)...

Learning to take turns playing chess and enjoying visiting with friends.
Learning to be thankful and polite when adults speak to you...
(faces blurred just for privacy since I didn't ask first!)

Learning to put on a skivvy all by herself!

Some of you might remember WHEN I TALKED ABOUT OUR 'WINTER WONDERFUL LIST' that we made up last year? Well we decided to take it down today and write up our new one for this Winter! I'll be posting more on that another time and what made the cut from the munckins' heads and hearts this time round :)
One of the things that was on that list was to make some hand puppets.
So we got to do that this week!
They chalked up their designs first estimating how big they'd want them to be and then cut them out.
I sewed around them using a basic zig zag stitch. Too easy!
They decorated them and had fun pretending they were football players!

Other learning this week:

* We began a new family read aloud this week; Dr Doolittle for an intro into some fun fiction.
* Making posters for the State of Origin game next week to post off to a family member for a bit of fun ;)
* Looking up some old local photographs online lead us to a theatre that used to play Charlie Chaplin films. The kids asked who he was so we watched a couple on You Tube and they were in stitches!!! So we had a bit of a chat about silent films and how film has changed now.
* The local photos showed up bushfires, racetracks, vintage dresses and all sorts of cool things to chat about!

What did you get up to learning about this week?
(Oh and you don't have to be a 'homeschooler' to answer!)

More to come,


Christine said...

looks like a fun week :)

how did the inspection go?

lusi said...

Good thanks mate :) Just have to wait and see what happens now :)
Love to you all x

frills and spills said...

Lots of wonderful learning in your family! Gotta love it when they learn to take risks - I have a boy who is just learning to do this a little more too :)

I saw that cornflower trick on tv a few weeks ago. Now that I've seen that you use it with good results, I know it works :) I'm thinking if giving it a try on the shower screen, because so far I haven't found anything "natural" that works very well.

Lots of learning in our house at the moment - we're all working on respect, taking turns, not talking over others at the moment... Also lots of reading happening. We've been enjoying a new series of books called "Our Australian Girl". It's a series of fiction books based on true Australian history from the 1800's through to the early 1900's. Really interesting stories and it's given us a lot of starting points for discussing history. I've only been able to find them at Big W (or online).

Not long until baby# 5 is welcomed into your family. How exciting!!!

Love Jas xx

lusi said...

Hi Jas! Your guys sound like they have been up to a lot of fun stuff! That book series sounds good; I'll check that out - thanks for mentioning it!
Sending you much love,
Lus x

Anonymous said...

Today I was taught humility, as I saw it in action. Sometimes I feel so blessed to work with the rawness of life [othertimes it overwhelms me] but at the end of the day, I am grateful.
Love your regular postings dear Lusi xxx

lusi said...

Humility is so powerful isn't it? Thank you for sharing that my friend.
Love to you G,
Lus x

Traci said...

Oh, I love the roadside potty, way to be prepared:)


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