Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Schools kind of out + in...

So we are still 'schooling' around here most mornings (mostly because we all want to) but have been doing some other fun things too...
Like setting up this super cool cardboard playhouse for the kids to colour + work on together as a team project.
Thank you Reject shop + $12 cash. You have made our day!

We did a lesson this week from a cool science book which I picked up from the op shop the other day. It's called the 'Explorabook'. It had this piece of scratchy plastic inside it...(aka fancy term 'diffraction grating') which you hold up to the light + get to see the lovely colour spatter (aka fancy term 'spectrum') then it had a little lesson to read aloud about it. Love simple stuff like that...

Happy bubba slowly getting better (and Stass is too this morning)...

And this is our 'Winter Wonderful List' which are just brainstormed ideas that the kids + us want to do in the coming weeks (mostly the kids ideas!). Stuff to work through in spare time. We won't get through everything but some ideas anyway...

5 Things I am thankful for today:

1. Special time with Annie yesterday out for lunch + prayer + fellowship + shopping
2. Freedom in Christ
3. Good news recieved over skype ;)
4. Kids getting better
5. An eye opening email to think on

Thanks for those comments on yesterday's post. It's nice to share our hearts hey :)
Much love,
L x
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Gayle said...

wow, I love your Winter Wonderful list! Can I come and play at your house?? haha. My kids are bored. Findong things that dont cost any money is hard.

Tara said...

Glad to hear that the girls are feeling better.

Awesome List! We ... HAD a list. I LOST it. :( Then found it :)

Then, ahem... LOST it.

IBRAHIM said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Sumara said...

Hey Lus. :-)

I didn't realise you were writing again! Oops!

Hey have you done the "chips on the beach" one yet? We would love to join you for something like that! Let us know. :-)

lusi said...

Gayle - come play anytime! lol :)
Tara - you cracked me up with your comment mate!!!

Sumi - LOVE you! Would LOVE to have you join us for chips on the beach when we are all better. We kind of improvised today and had hot chips on the bench instead ;)

Thanks for your response too today and catching up soon sounds perfect for a let's-pretend-it's-not-really-winter kind of bbq! I'll call you this week to arrange it depending on when everyone is well here.

Much love,
Lus x


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