Tuesday, May 24, 2011

An Exciting New Adventure!!!

I've touched on it very briefly in the past couple of posts, but I wanted to fill you in a bit more about a special and exciting new adventure I've been working on!

{recording in Heiko and Lori's studio}

I've been recording an album with two of my favourite people in all the world; my beautiful friend Lori and her incredibly talented and lovely hubby, Heiko. Together, we are recording songs which I've written over several years which reflect the deep feelings of my heart. Ever since I've known these guys, they have also been on a similar journey faith-wise; to seek the heart of the Living God, to know Him more intimately, to walk faithfully with Him and to know and worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. These songs reflect our hearts collectively and individually. They are incredibly gifted, kind and generous people and I feel very priviledged to get this chance to work with them on this album.

I want to give you a bit of background on how this project came to be in the first place.

I want to make it clear that while I LOVE to write music and play and sing, I am NOT an exceptional and accomplished musician. I am not saying this falsely. Anyone who has played with me in the past knows that I know enough to get by pretty well and can lead a congregation but I really don't excel at playing one particular instrument. I'm not great with musical theory and can barley read music if there are no chords listed there to play.

So I guess I never really took it seriously that I might have something that anyone else would really want to listen to.

That is until earlier this year when I attended TORAH LADIES RETREAT which was so beautifully organised by my lovely friend Donna. Just before this retreat I'd spent some time in prayer asking Yah if He wanted me to do anything with the songs in my head and my heart. Honestly, I just didn't know if they were good enough to share.

He showed me loudly and VERY clearly that weekend, in a couple of ways, that He did in fact want me to record them and that He had given them to me to teach to and share with others. They were NOT just to be for me and my family! I had never considered that before! lol I am thick sometimes!!!

My beautiful friend Neen who was there that weekend heard these songs for the first time and began crying during one of them. She said something that really made an impression on me. She said, "You don't understand...we really NEED these songs right now!" (Sorry Neens hope you don't mind me sharing that - it was just a HUGE part of how Yah spoke to me! Love you!) I really took that very seriously; it was like Yah struck a chord in my own heart prompting me to take this seriously. The other ladies there were also all very supportive and encourged me to pursue recording these songs (thank you guys! Without all of your input these wouldn't be currently taking shape like they are!)

The next morning (the last morning) of the retreat, I got up a little earlier than I was planning and sat in the front room with beautiful warm sunlight streaming in onto me. I prayed again and committed my ways (especially in regards to this possibility of recording) to Him. I opened the Word to Psalm 40 and immediately, I heard the tune for a song. I tried to jot it down as best I could and even after being interupted half way through (unintentionally!) I could still remember the tune which for me is pretty amazing!!! I knew this was of Yah - was just another confirmation. That song is now on the album and is probably my favourite out of all of them so far.

So, why am I writing about all this? Well today, not even a full month since we began recording, I am so pleased to say that we are pretty much finished with laying down all the main instrument parts that I play and
the main vocal parts that I sing for the album! So far that includes guitar, paino, ukelele and mandolin parts along with vocals. It is really exciting to see it all taking shape! We still have ALOT of work left on it; musically, technically and practically with things that are involved with producing an album but we know that this is all in Yah's hands and timing. We are trusting Him with the finer details and doing the best that we can too.

The thing that will be different about this album is that it has songs specifically related to four out of the seven feasts of YHVH (which are mentioned in many places in the Bible including Leviticus 23). We have been using these songs over the past year-two years to teach our own family and to help us all learn more about His appointed times. We are hoping others; indivdual and families, will also be blessed by these during the annual times of celebration and reflection.
It is also reflective of our journey into understanding the Truth of our Father's Word as one entire book which shares His heart. It is reflective of our journey's into appreciating the Truth of His Torah (instructions).
This album also uses the names of Yehovah (Yah being a shortened form) and Yeshua, rather than just the titles of Lord or Christ.
There is also a song on there about how we are grafted in and are therefore, of Israel.

Our prayer with this album is that Yehovah, the name of our Father, will be glorified (just as Yeshua desired and did!)
We pray that many hearts will be drawn closer to Him and that the Truth of His Word would be a great encouragement to many lives.

I'll keep you posted with how it is all going as the adventure continues.
We'd really love your prayers during this time for things to go smoothly and so it can be produced as well as we can as soon as we can!

Here are a couple of photos from today...

Enjoying a cuppa together:
Heiko + Lori

Me cracking up when I probably mucked up a line!

Lori editing...

Heiko :)

More to come soon,


Sigalit Chana said...

Oh that is exiting indeed =) May it please Father to bless you as you glorify Him and Y'shua! Looking forward to more updates =)

lusi said...

Amen Sigalit! You know just before we had our cuppa this morning, we had your blog open and I was showing Lori the beautiful dances you had for Passover! We all especially loved the part where the brother was playing the soprano sax I think it was from the congregation! We both loved the dances that you shared! Much love to you :-)

Mommy Set Free said...

You know I am so excited to watch this journey! :-) Nice to meet your pals too.

I also can't help but notice in myself, that there is something about creativity that seems to flow when I am with child...something that is an extra special measure from Yah. (Even though I feel physcially crumby so often - it is kind of like He encouarages me with an extra dose of creative expression...between the down times for me!) :-) Crazy wave! I think it has to do with His Creation going on IN me at the same time. Kinda wierd, I know...but its just what I have noticed. :-)

Much Love and Encouragment!! p

Remember, we too have adopted your Shabbat Ditty. All of our kids know it and sing it. You may often catch us humming or singing it (even during the week!!! - Whenever we want a bit of that Shabbat feeling!) We also share it with friends when they visit. And that was from over 9 months ago... We love that song. We would love a few more verses to it (so we can make it last longer!). Would you consider putting that one on the CD too?? It's worth sharing!!

Enid said...

This is so amazing news... I can't wait ot hear what Yah wants you to share!! :)
I am so tickle :)

Andi said...

WOW LUSI! Abba lay clean the path and make Lusi's path clear and straight, bless her in her desire to serve you! Amen - Lusi!

lusi said...

Hi lovely friends :-)
Thanks for your prayers and enthusiasm!
Pamela I'm so glad that your family enjoys the Shabbat song; that will be on the album! Thanks for your encouraging words!
Love to you all,
Lus x

faelih said...

Oh so cool! Really excited for you as well, Lusi. :).

singing mama said...

I wrote a comment last night but blogger ate it :(

yay yay yay yay yay!!! I'm SO excited for you and where Yah is leading you and I cannot wait to listen to the album!!!!!
Luv Donna

caz1975 said...

how exciting!!! :-)

lusi said...

Thanks guys!!! :-)

Sumara said...

That's really exciting for you, lovely! <3 Good on you. :)

kathy said...

Wow that sounds so good! I can't wait to hear it! I've been to uni and have my bach of music but def think the real musicians are the ones with no training! It's from the heart (well from Yah) then and is not taught! I'm so excited for you!

Traci said...

Wow Lusi, how awesome that Abba is placing this gift in your heart to share:) I am so happy for you. I pray He blesses you and those around you in this gift.

Take care and have fun!

Shalom, Traci

rockmelon said...

blessings as you are obedient. Looking forward to buying your songs when you are done!

lusi said...

Thanks Rochelle :-) and thanks to you all for your really encouraging words!
Love Lus x

Traci said...

Lusi, I am wondering if you have your music anywhere on your blog...I'd love to hear it.

I am amazed that I can converse with someone who is so far away from me in Australia no less. I think it is so wonderful:)

Take care lusi:)

Blessings, Traci

lusi said...

Hi Traci! Thanks for your lovely words; I don't have anything up on the blog as yet but we are aiming to have a website with perhaps some sample music just before the album is released. Thanks so much for your support!
With much love from across the seas,
Lusi x


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