Friday, April 15, 2011

What's Cooking?

So we are on the verge of a very exciting time of  year! We are entering into the first feasts of the year - there are 3 of them together - and we are all very excited! We love learning about Yehovah's appointed times that He outlines for His people and we ARE His people! I'll try posting more about these soon.

It also happens to be Zippi's 2nd birthday tomorrow on Shabbat! Can't believe she is 2 already - man how time flies!!!!

So I thought I'd post our menu for the week ahead...

Dinner: Zucchini quiches with fresh beetroot and broccoli

Shabbat (Zippi's birthday!!!)
Lunch: Minestrone Soup + bread
Dinner: BBQ + salad special dinner with our extended fam

Sunday (Passover!!!)
Dinner: Lamb, vegies, bitter herbs, gravy + matzah (unleavened bread)

Monday (First day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread!!!)
Dinner: Pumpkin, leek + potato soup with matzah (unleavened bread)

Dinner: Red beans + Rice (recipe from the Women's Weekly Family Fav Recipe Book)

Dinner: Beef strip stir fry with thick pad thai noodles

Dinner: White wine casserole + cous cous

During the week of the feast of unleavened bread, we do not eat any leaven (yeast) (see exodus 12 and leviticus 23). So our breakfasts will be our own rolled oats. Lunches will be rice cakes, eggs, tuna, salads, rice wraps, etc. Love working out creative ways to get around not eating yeasty breads for an entire week!

Well more to come another time especially on the feasts!
Hope all is well your way blogging friends :)


singing mama said...

Happy birthday Zippi for tomorrow!!! How exciting! Yes we are looking forward to this time too , to walk thru these appointed feasts and see what He teaches us! We have been working on our plans for the week , tonight and how to best focus the kids and teach then. I'm looking forward to this week very much!
Luv Donna

Christine said...

Happy Happy Birthday Zippidy-Zoo! Please give her a BIG hug from all of us!

We are having Austin withdrawals!!! When are we going to see you guys????

Shabbat Shalom!

lusi said...

Thanks so much Donna and Christine!!!

SO hoping we can come for a visit very soon Christine - we are missing you guys heaps too!

Love to you guys,
Lus x

Moira said...

Luci everything sounds wonderful! Have a great Passover!
Shabbat Shalom,


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