Friday, April 15, 2011

Two years ago you were this tiny....

Happy Birthday to our precious little Zipporah! It's so hard to believe 2 years have already passed since you entered the world for the first time.
We feel so thankful to have you in our family and we can only praise Yah our great Creator for you!
Already we've gone through some challenges with you and of course many, many joyous times too.
We love YOU!
Happy birthday darling,
All our love always, Mummy and Daddy, Stass, Lij, Eth and bubby xxxxxx

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Bridget said...

Happy B'day Zippy darling! :-)

singing mama said...

Awwww such precious pictures! Happy 2nd birthday Zippi! Luv the Edwards Clan :)

faelih said...

Happy birthday to your sweet little one! :).

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Zippi. Lusi I remember when you first announced your pregnancy with her. Hope she has a beautiful day.

Nadia xx

elliottsmum said...

How lovely that our little ones share the same birthday. Zippi only hours older than Jeremiah. Jeremiah has been walking around telling everyone 'I a big boy now, I two!' I am sure Zippi is just as excited that today is her special day. Enjoy making your littlest princess feel extra special today. Happy birthday Zipporah!

lusi said...

Thanks everyone!!! Zip is having a really lovely day (although a little overtired and slightly grumpy with the rainy weather!)

Kristen, happy birthday to sweet Jeremiah! It is special that they get to share a birthday :) Hope he has had a fantastic day too.

Lots of love to everyone,
Lus x

caz1975 said...

Was thinking of little Zippi today since we share the same birthday, happy 2nd birthday to your princess!! :-)

lusi said...

Thanks Carolyn and hope you had a WONDERFUL day too!
Love Lusi x

Sumara said...

She is SUCH A CUTIE! Love love love.


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