Thursday, April 7, 2011

What's Cooking?

One of the things I really have tried hard to work on over the years as our family has grown, has been to provide nutrious and delicious family meals. It hasn't always been easy considering all the various dietary needs we've had during the past 4 of those years. But it is something I really do try to do and something I enjoy doing. We all sit down to eat together and dinner time is such a precious time for us especially when the baby eats and doesn't throw a tantrum or her food at us all.

Friday has always been my shopping day since I like to have everything ready to go for Shabbat (our sabbath on Saturday) and we treat Friday as our preparation day - a time to get ready! We also now get our fruit and vegie boxes on Friday so once we get them, I just look at what we already have and then menu plan around that for the week.

I've been thinking for a while now that it might be cool to post our menu here on the Friday. I always like looking at what other families eat and learn from other mama's to get ideas about what we can feed our family too! It inspires me and perhaps sharing our menu here might inspire someone else too who might be in a bit of a rut!

So here's the menu for the coming week. I'll add some photos of things that I have already cooked and have on file and others won't have pics...yet!


Lunch: we needed to use up some salad things so I made a HUGE tuna and corn salad for lunch with homemade Italian dressing.

Afternoon tea: Steamed Corn Cobs with a little melted butter

Dinner: Stir Fry Vegies with Wide Rice Noodles and special sauce


Morning Tea: Cranberry, Pear + Vanilla Muffins

Lunch: Shepherd's Pie + salad

Afternoon Tea: Mini Pavolvas (to use up the kiwi fruit and other fruits from last week's f+v box)

Dinner: BBQ with the Browns'!


Morning Tea: Fruit + Yoghurt

Lunch: Chicken Schnitzel on Buns for the Mother's Group Picnic

Afternoon Tea: Vegie Snack box

Dinner: Vegie Soup in the Slow Cooker

 During the week, morning teas, lunches and afternoon teas we kind of make up as we go along...sometimes we have sandwiches, sometimes we have pancakes or salads or tins of tuna, sometimes I bake lots of things and sometimes not so much that week...just depends! So here are just the dinners for the rest of the week...

Dinner: Homemade Wedges with sour cream + sweet chilli sauce accompanied by boiled eggs in garden salad with homemade dressing dressing

Dinner: Roasted Sweet Potato and Beetroot Risotto

Dinner: Beef + Red Wine Casserole with Risoni Pasta

Dinner: Easy quiches (x2) to use up the remainder of our vegie box! 

Feel free to share your menu too in the comments section :)
Hope you have a good-rest-of-the-day!


Andi said...

Oh those look lovely...the muffins! I go through phases too, where I bake a lot one week and then not so much the next!

Enid said...

you know I havent try to cook quinches too..I need to with all these eggs :)

Sumara said...

Oooh, BBQ with the Browns, that sounds fabulous! :D SO looking forward to seeing you.

Do you have a shareable recipe for the sweet potato and beetroot risotto? That sounds delicious.

lusi said...

Fabulous indeed! Lol ;-) looking forward to seeing you guys too! Will post that recipe this week :-)
Much love mate x

Anonymous said...

The photos you shared are making me hungry.

Some of the dinners we have had this past week have been vegetable quiche, grilled fish and vegetables, mild curried chicken casserole and rice, beef stir fry with noodles and vegetables and home made pizza all of which are easy and delicious.

I enjoyed looking at the photos of your children. They are all so good looking, your truely blessed Lusi.

Have a great week end. From Susan McGuire (smiles1965) xxoo

lusi said...

Hi Susan!
I'd love your recipe for your mild chicken curry if you get a chance to share it! Sounds like you've had some scrumptious meals this week!
Hope you have a great weekend.
Love Lusi x


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