Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Feast of Unleavened Bread...Day Six

Shabbat today! Yay!
It was also Day 6 of the Feast of Unleavened Bread.
Zippi woke only twice last night - praise Yah - which was a big difference for us. She settled much quicker both times she woke.
Then early this morning, Brett started vomitting :( My poor guy. So he spent the day in bed resting. Thankfully, he seems much better tonight - a bit weak still but not sick! Thank you Yehovah! It was raining here today so the kids had to stay inside which meant the boys in particular had a bit too much pent up energy.

Some activities we did on Day 6 of the feast....

Kids played lego, some imaginary play-family games, watched the Prince of Egypt dvd and a Bug Time Adventures one too about Moses. Then mum and dad watched the Ten Commandments animated film with them all the way through.

Brett watched the other version of the 10 commandments film in bed today while he was resting.

I got together our little books for First Fruits while Zippi napped. My back is still pretty sore so just taking it easy as much as I can - when I can!

Stass asked for some more colouring in sheets about the Feasts so I printed off PAGE 51 FROM THIS BOOKLET ON THE APPOINTED TIMES.

The kids kept saying excitedly, "You know what tomorrow is? FIRST FRUITS!!!!" and this afternoon they asked if they could have some 'good' paper to draw on to make something for people for first fruits. Not sure that they finished them off but was nice to see them wanting to contribute something special without being prompted. Lovely to see them excited about Yah's appointed times!

Mum and Dad and I were talking about the Torah Portion and thought I'd post the one I printed off for them since it is a free pdf. The Torah portion is a like a reading-through-the-scriptures kind of plan. I like this one in particular because it also has suggested readings from the Prophets/Writings and the Gospels. To me, its just a great way to sink my teeth into more scripture! This is going in my Family Planner Folder (thanks to Andi for the inspiration). We don't read the portion every week but it's good to have around printed off as a resource for when we do use it instead of me going online to check out which portion we are up to! THE LINK TO IT IS ON THIS PAGE; JUST AT THE TOP RIGHT HAND SIDE OF THE PAGE. CLICK ON THE BIT WHERE IT SAYS PDF VERSION.

Some of what we ate today...

Kids ate their 'special shabbat cereal' while the adults had museli

Morning Tea:
Simple homemade macaroons...

Quick and easy vegie pizzas on rice wraps...

Afternoon Tea:
Fruit and left over cake + macaroons!

No photo but chicken and white wine casserole with rice.

Tomorrow is the final day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread which is a special sabbath. It also happens to be the Feast of First Fruits. We can't wait!

More soon,


Anonymous said...

All your food photos are making my mouth water. Everything looks soooooo delicious.

Best wishes that Brett makes a 100%recovery and praying you and the kids don't get the vomitting bug. I also hope your sore back feels better ASAP. It's not easy having that let alone when your pregnant cause you can't take pain medication. Maybe a warm shower or a heat pack might help you.

Thinking of you and hoping you continue to enjoy the long week end. From Susan McGuire (smiles1965) xxoo

lusi said...

Thanks so much Susan.
Love to you,
Lusi x


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