Friday, April 22, 2011

The Feast of Unleavened Bread...Day Five

Thanks for your prayers last night. I tried the 'new' thing I mentioned (aka sleeping on a matress next to her toddler bed in the girls' room to see if that would help) and it helped with the crying/screaming. She was still awake and fairly restless for some of the night but no where near as much as the night before which was good. The downside was I woke up sore from being on the thin matress so tonight we have a thicker matress lined up and ready to go in case she wakes and needs me in there again. This is a much more gentle approach than controlled crying but this will be progressive and won't change things over-night. So we are trying it out (and if this doesn't work we will find the next thing that does!) until she can learn to resettle herself without me there during her 'brief awakenings'.

Anyway.... lol ;)

Friday is Day 5 of the Feast of Unleavened Bread for our family.

Some of what we ate on Day 5 of the feast...

Cereals for the kids, museli for some of the adults. I had left over matzah with peanut butter

Kids had tuna + cheese + avocado

Adults had more rice wraps with turkey + cheese + chutney + olives.

Knowing that I am trying to eat more red meat and increase my iron levels, Brett cooked me up this feast especially for my lunch...

He's so beautiful and I am blessed by these things that he does to show his care and love (especially when we've had some tough days lately!)

Fish with mayo + dill + lime  and chips

Some of the activities we did today...

Get out of the house to give daddy an extra sleep in! To use up some energy, we headed to the park...

When we came home, Nan and Pop visited. We had a go at making a special unleavened chocolate pudding. It's called the FRENCH CHOCOLATE CAKE HERE ON PAGE 1 OF THIS LINK but we all reckon it tasted more like a pudding than a cake. The ingredients list didn't include how many eggs to use. We decided on using 4 and it turned out well.

I burnt the top (which ended up being the bottom when I flipped it) but no one really cared. Tasted yummy anyway!


 Today we also prepared our centre piece for our table for our First Fruits celebration on Sunday morning coming up. The kids enjoyed working on this together without  too much fighting...

The kids did the colouring in sheets that I linked to yesterday.

They watched a movie tonight before we had our choc pudding and Zippi loved doing puzzles with my mum.

Mum + Dad + Brett + I had a great discussion about the timing of the last week of Yeshua's life. We had diagrams going, Bibles opened, people reading and great.

Some of the readings we had today...

Brett chose to read the whole chapter Mark 14 tonight to us. The kids interjected telling us about what Judas said according to the Story Keepers movie they'd seen which told the story of Yeshua being betrayed by Judas. It's just amazing to see our flawed little ones learning more and more about Yah and His ways. They treasure these stories of our Scriptures. They talk about the way we celebrate and remember His appointed times. They enjoy being involved. I love hearing them pray and reach out and talk to Yah.

Well, may the Truth of His Word be revealed more and more to us all as we worship the Father in Spirit and in Truth. Shabbat Shalom :)

With much love,

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