Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Quick Update!

Another full week has come + gone.
For the first time in a LONG time, we were able to once again order the fresh fruit and vegie boxes that are ordered through the local primary school as a community co-op kind of venture. My good mate Kaz kindly reminded me (thanks Kaz!!!) that we could join in too (despite our kids not attending the school). We used to get these but when we switched to a low-mod salicylate diet we had to stop buying them. Probably 95% of the fruit and veg you see below we could once NOT eat - believe it or not. Don't get me wrong, we still ate ALOT of fruit and veg but they had to be certain types. Anyway, since we have been slowly coming off this diet and moving back onto a higher salicylate diet, we can once again buy these boxes. Each box is $20 so we got two and just can't get over how much we got! What a blessing! And what a saving!

It changes each week, but here's what we got this week:
2 red capsicums
4 big eggplants
8 tomatoes
2 bunches of shallots
8 zucchinis
6 onions
12 big red potatoes
1 small broccoli head
4 leabanese cucumbers
19 mushrooms
2 hydro lettuces
6 nectarines
8 pears
2 rockmelon
8 oranges

Needless to say, I was able to cut back on some of the regular grocery snacks since we are slowly moving towards a more fresh food diet.

Despite several days of rain, dad was able to take Ethi out under the patio and help him construct a kite. Dad was teaching Ethi how to watch which way the wind was blowing before they tried to launch it. All we need now is a sunny +windy day to go try it out. They both really enjoyed this.

We had a really restful Shabbat (sabbath) day yesterday. Loved reading how Yeshua (Jesus) obeyed YHVH's (God's) instructions! Even when he healed the man with leprosy in Luke 5:12-16, he told him to go and show himself to the priest and offer the sacrifices commanded. All of what Yeshua commanded the man to do was in keeping with the Torah (instructions) by God in Leviticus 14. Just this week I was told that "Jesus changed the law and broke it". If He had done that, He could not have been the perfect sacrifice needed for our redemption. How much that goes against what the Scriptures actually record about Yeshua (Jesus) too. He interpreted the instructions correctly and perfectly.
On the menu for Shabbat yesterday (other than snacking on fruit and veg!!!) was these curry + pomegranate flavoured scones.
I used Anardana powder which is pomegranate powder and it was really nice for a savoury-style scone.

And finally, I'd like you all to meet Hazel. She's a friend of ours and is going to be our midwife for this birth, our first homebirth!!!

We used to go to the same church and we met with her for the first time to talk about the birth, ask questions and begin to get ready for the next part of this journey. I can't tell you how excited I am!
You can check out Hazel's website HERE.
She formerly worked as a midwife at our local hospital, is registered with medicare (means we get some back financially - yay! that's an added bonus!!!) and has a caring heart.
I am now 17 weeks and enjoying this pregnancy so much.
Still getting a bit of sciatic pain but it's not unbearable.
Even though i will carry bubby alot (as I did with Zippi after she was born) in the Ergo, we opted to buy a double pram so that I can still get out and about with the 5 kids (especially safety wise for Zippi - our little runner - who will be 2yrs 4mths old). We got a STRIDER PLUS PRAM which was on sale. We had been blessed to have a little bit tucked away and we both felt like this would be a really great investment for the future (especially if we are blessed to have more children down the track).
Anyway, part of it is waiting to be dispatched but it's now one less item on my list of things to try and get organised - yay!

Ok, well will leave it there for today.

5 Things I am thankful for before I go:
1. That Yeshua was the perfect sacrifice + example of how to live today!
2. For Yah's grace + compassion on us
3. A coffee and cake date with Brett this week (thanks to mum and dad minding the kids for a couple of hours)
4. Yummy HUGE fruit and veg boxes
5. Hazel :)

Love and blessings,


caz1975 said...

we have a strider plus for our 2 girls and even though we got it on sale it still cost a lot but I would have to say it is one of the best investments we have ever made, and I love the fact it can be a double or a single pram so in times when I only had Elora with me I could use the same pram!!

On another note I was wondering why you are able to now eat the high salicylate fruit now, is it a sensitivity issue that goes away over time? Just curious about what changed????

Enid said...

Ohh yeah a midwife....mmmm I missed having babies lol! I guess I live trough you once again! SO happy for the fruits and that y'all can eat more variety now. ANd the babies ride oh my :)

lusi said...

Hi Carolyn,
After being on the low-moderate salicylate allowance for 3 years, we felt it was time to kind of try and see if there was any chance that the reactions of the kids might be less intense. At first, when they had lots of salicylates again (like a pasta sauce for instance) the reactions were pretty intense. However, over time, they seem to have lessened. Sometimes there are still hard days after they have had a couple of super 'high' days in a row so we are still trying to moderate how much they eat of it all at once. At this stage, we are hopeful that we might be fully be 'off' any salicylate restrictions by the end of the year. We'll see ;)
Hope you are doing well mate
Love Lusi x

And thanks Enid for your kind comments! Love to you :) Lus x

Peterson Party said...

Love the updates! Yay, for a midwife that you like :) Hope you are feeling well.

kathy said...

I'm so excited your going to birth at home! It's amazing. I didn't have my first homebirth until bubba number 6 and as soon as she was born I was thinking how much I wanted to do it again! Honestly it's the most amazing experience ever!
You need to put some more belly pics up so I can see how your going! Has your sickness passed?

rockmelon said...

homebirths rock, great connectedness for all! You have reminded me to go look for a fruit and vege Co op near us. Glad you are are all well and happy!

Mommy Set Free said...

I am so excited for your precious wee one being knit together in you! I am also so excited for your first homebirth! It is such an amazing blessing! We have been blessed to have all our babies at home (even our adopted girls were hope birtjs in Haiti!! But I can't really take ant credit for that!)!

My last two were water births...which I HIGHLY recoommend.

Birthing at home is such a worship experiance if you choose it to be! I actually danced in my first phases of labor with my last baby!!Music worship has always been a nig part of my labor and delivery. It intimate with Yah, husband and is just so special!!! I am so happy for you! I am hoping to attend a dear friend's birth this week, Yah willing!


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