Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happenings from around here...

Firstly, thanks to everyone for your kind comments about my parents leaving. I really appreciated your support.

We met with HAZEL OUR LOVELY MIDWIFE last night for my official 'booking' night! Yay! This was our second night with her. We chatted (lots!) had a cuppa and filled out the forms :) So great :) I had typed up a little antenatal record card and we filled some of that in too. The best bit of course was hearing bubba's heartbeating via the doppler. Love hearing that! Hazel was kind enough to print off THIS PDF ABOUT ITP (THE PLATELET CONDITION I HAD) AND PREGNANCY. Was a really good read. Am posting it here for future reference in case I forget where I got it from! I have some calls to make today to get appointments to see my haematologist. Hazel is going to come along to that visit. I'm also going to try and book in for my 18wk ultrasound. I have blood tests to get done (just a standard one) and am seeing my GP this week to have her sign off on our choice for private antenatal and postnatal care by our independent midwife. Hopefully this all goes smoothly as it means we will be able to get medicare rebates for our appointments. This will be a big help for us.

I've been having lots of movement (esp when lying down) and have felt like I've really 'popped' this week which is a lovely feeling :)

Being sick with this head cold has been pretty yucky this week. I am glad it didn't happen last week though in the lead up to singing at our friend's wedding. That would not have been cool at all! Was supposed to be interstate this week recording an album but it just wasn't meant to be! Hopefully, this will happen sometime in the next couple of months.

I am really lacking energy with being sick this week and have a million things I want to do. I know most people will just say, 'relax and let it be. It's not all that important' and believe me, I am having to come to terms with this alot! But it is very hard for me. It's my personality. I have lists of things going all the time and I like to stay focussed, on track and get things done (esp with the lead up to a birth). During my pregancies, I'm always thinking about ways I can make life easier for us once the bubba has arrived because I just want to devote so much time to nurturing the little one, looking after my health and other family members, focussing on healing and breastfeeding. And because of that, I like to have things in place that make life a little easier for me and the fam long term. I can't help it. It's just the way Yah made my brain. (Please don't tell me to just relax because honestly it doesn't help - I mean that lovingly!) I'm just being honest on my blog that not doing alot is hard for me. Lately I have been forced to let go of plans I have and just take care of my body whilst being sick. I know things will get done eventually (well the really important stuff will) and in the meantime I have to learn to turn a blind eye to certain jobs.


Anyway, in other news, Ethan lost his first tooth this week! He's 6 and was so excited! He was wrestling with Liji (they are like lion cubs) and then liji must have accidently whacked Eth's mouth with his arm. Next thing Ethi is saying "Aaaaaawww Liji that hurt!" and when he opened his mouth, we saw that his tooth (that have been VERY wiggly) had now come free! Liji started crying saying, "I'm so sorry I didn't mean it" and then Ethi came over and hugged him and said excitedly, "Nah Liji, thanks for doing that! Now my tooth is out! That's great!" So cute!!!

A while ago we bought "The Bubble Thing" which is a contraption to make HUGE 20+ footer bubbles.
We followed the recipe...

hooked it all up together... didn't work for some reason.
(The detergent they suggest to use in Australia is Morning Fresh. We followed the recipe for this. Made two batches in case we'd stuffed up the first then noticed on the bottle it said 'now 4 times more concentrated'. Hmmmmm maybe we needed to cut the detergent measurement down to a quarter of what the book calls for! Or maybe the weather wasn't right. Either way, we'll try it again soon!)
So instead, we used toilet rolls to make some bubbles!

We made some cornflake and jam cookies for morning tea one day this week.
Zippi LOVES stirring...anything....just loves stirring in more ways than one at the moment and wants to have a go.
Actually, she wants to be the ONLY one to have a go.

And looks like this when someone else gets their turn...

Being almost 2 is tough, but taking turns is all part of learning how to live in a big family!
She's been quite difficult lately - lots of crying and screaming some days and then others she's as happy as larry! Hoping she'll become a little more calm! Her vocab is incredibly HUGE! Even this morning after heating up her milk I said, "there you go sweet" and she said, "thanks mum" and i said, "you're welcome" and she said back, "no worries mum"! lol so funny.

The kids really enjoyed making these cookies (our first time) so we'll be keeping this recipe on hand for the future.

I was so devestated this morning to hear on the news about a LITTLE 6 YEAR OLD AUTISTIC BOY who had gone missing from his house and was tragically killed on train tracks about 3km from his family home. Early on with Liji, we had to keep our door constantly locked - we had to leave the key way up high because he was a 'runner' and wanted to wander. I just can't imagine the pain this poor family must be suffering at the moment - it was always my worst nightmare early on especially pre-diagnosis that something like that might happen to our precious boy. It's so easy to say, 'well just be more dilligent' or something along those lines. What people fail to understand about most autistic children/adults is that they are really living in their own world alot of the time and do often wander off. I just can't begin to comprehend the pain of these parents today. I am praying for them that they may know the comfort of the loving Creator in some way today.

Well, shall sign off.
Today it is misty and foggy. I'm cooking my favourite chicken and white wine casserole tonight (yum cold-night food!). We are making playdoh today, reading books and enjoying hanging out.

Yah bless you all,
Love Lus x


Anonymous said...

Hi Lusi!
We have a 5yo autistic son. This is one of my greatest nightmare's- we had door alarms for along time. He has a really bad habit of taking off down the road! Praying for this family. I luv to read your blog1
Crystal in TN

Enid said...

Ohh my the cokkies looks so good, I am so glad you are getting all oganized for your birth. I am so excited for you!

Love ya girl, how about a pic..!

lusi said...

Hi Cyrstal! Glad to have you reading along :)It is very hard when you have a wanderer or runner. I really empathise! Thanks for commenting :)

And Enid you are so sweet! I'll try post another pic soon!

Love Lus x

Andi said...

Oh the little with tears, oh I could just give hugs, and the cheeks! This was a nice post, like you were just talking to us if we were right there in your living room. *Big Smile*

Sarah Slaven said...

Oh Lusi that story was tragic I hadn't heard it till now. We have been so blessed by wonderful neighbours who have found our son and brought him home many times, some times at 5:00 in the morning.
Zip is looking so big, it's such a tricky time may God bring us both patience as we help these little ones learn the rules that come with the independence they desire.

Sumara said...

Lovely to see you all positive and excited about the pregnancy and birth and breastfeeding and everything. :) Hazel looks lovely.

Awww Zippi. :( Toddlers are... fun, huh?

Big cuddles and love to all of you.

caz1975 said...

Jaden used to wander off too, found him climbing up scaffolding on a buidling site behind my parent's place once and lost him at shopping centres twice, all it takes is a split second :-(

Love the photo of Zippi crying because it looks the same as the 2 year old face we get in this house when it's time to share too LOL


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