Friday, April 1, 2011

This is how we sometimes 'do' Australian History...

Firstly though, an apology if I came across as grumpy and rude yesterday in my post. I was feeling that way in myself just because of being sick and thought it may have across in my post. If it did, my apologies, dear readers. Am feeling much better today - much more like more normal self - Praise Yah for that! this post is about how we sometimes 'do' Australian History.

I plan and plan lessons in advance get inspired by watching an episode of Play School on ABC with Zippi where they are making Damper (an Aussie bread).
Of course this has been planned for so long that I already have the recipe since I'm getting inspired on the spot, I have to go google and find a quick and easy RECIPE.
The lesson  might take place early on in the morning when we are fresh and inspired happens at 4pm in the arvo between me cooking up the chicken casserole and settling the distressed toddler.

We all act in a cordial fashion go crazy over getting our hands in there...

and none of it gets on the floor even though most of it nearly goes on the floor or on our clothes...

it looks good...

and tastes great (especially fresh out of the oven with butter melting on it and golden syrup too!!!)
And we might even pose for a photo or two

And while we are enjoying that, I might happen to read from 'Story of Australia - Childcraft' and read about the explorer Thomas Mitchell and how he ate 'bush tucker' too.
And while we are eating and chatting and reading, we might just happen to learn and relate and enjoy being together too!
Well that's how we 'did' Australian History yesterday anyway.
(And we all loved it!)
More another time.
Love + blessings,


Sumara said...

LOVE it, Lus! That looks very similar to how we learn quite a few topics around here. :) For example, science right now seems to consist of a pile of weird-looking mushrooms from the garden on a paper-towel in the kitchen. (we are seeing how fast they dry out... as you do...)

We went camping a few weeks ago and made damper. It was SO GOOD. We put sultanas in it, and (of COURSE) golden syrup drizzled over. The kids though cooking with an actual fire was pretty awesome.

I can't get over how big Zip looks! It's been way too long since we've seen you! Love love love to you all!

singing mama said...

Love spontaneous lessons!!! That's so what life's about !!! yummy looking damper Lusi!!!!
Luv Donna

Michelle said...

Sounds like a wonderful, spontaneous homeschool day. :D Love it!


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