Monday, January 17, 2011

A Super Easy and Fun Recipe

WARNING...not at all on the healthy side (although we had yummy salad sandwhiches to balance it all out for lunch! lol!) BUT super easy and super delish!!!

I saw the steps for this on the beautiful Mel Goodsell's blog recently HERE and thought I should give them a crack with the kids :) Thanks Mel for the inspo :)
Today we had two of our nieces visit us and so we made these altogether for a little sweet treat.

We use the Coles Smart Buy Marshmallows since they contain beef gelatine instead of pork gelatine. That's important to us since we have been learning to walk in YHVH (God's) ways considering what he regards as food. Thought I'd mention it in case others are interested in a kind of 'regular' brand of marshmallows that are 'safe' to eat. You can read a little more about how we choose to eat HERE.

Anyway we had lots of fun making these and thought I'd record that.
More another time.
Lus x
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Peach Cobbler said...

Wow, those look tasty!

Stace said...

DELISH!!!!! YUMMO!!! xxx

caz1975 said...

oh they look yummy and very much not part of my diet LOL, I had no idea there was pig stuff in marshmallows or even beef stuff for that matter, that must make shopping tricky sometimes if there are hidden things like that to avoid, is it listed on the ingredients?

lusi said...

Hi Carolyn :)
We are getting used to reading the labels a bit more as we learn to walk in Torah more and more. The yoghurt and marshmallows we buy say that they either contain hallal gelatine or it might say gelatine (from beef) in brackets like that. So yep it is on the label which makes it pretty easy :)
Hope you are doing well!
Love Lus x

ReneeK said...

Looks yummy! I am your newest follower. Found you at Messianic Keepers

lusi said...

Hi Rennek! Glad you found my blog :) Welcome to you!
Blessings in YHVH :)
Lusi x


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