Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Are you like Me?

I think my day started way too early and let's just be honest...
I also went to bed way too late.

But anyway, this morning, I keep mulling.
I do like that word.
Reminds me of eating something.
I'm not sure why but it does even though it has nothing to do with eating.

Anyway, I digress (not that that's anything new lol!)
Mulling over heaps of things that need to be done and things that inspire me.

Mulling over so many projects I want to get done this year.
Mulling over how I want to showcase some of the projects I've done in our rental over the years.
Mulling over the song lyrics that seem to be going over and over in my head trying to form songs but that are still yet to come together.
Mulling over some culling and sorting that needs to be done in our home.
Mulling over making my photo recipe cookbook before the year starts to run away.
Mulling over my 3 white folders which need a total re-sort; Our Family Planner, the Recipe File and the Address File.
Mulling over the blog posts that I still want to do.
Mulling over the people I want to catch up with.
Mulling over the frames I want to hang in the boys' room.

Today I think I will be probably get none of these things done.
And that's ok.
I just wanted to get it off my chest I think.

I'm learning that it's ok to have goals and yet achieve very few.

I'm learning that I just have to keep making sure my priorities are right; my relationship with Yah (God) first, my relationship with Brettsky and the kiddos and everything else after that!

Are you like me? Do you have days like this too when you think of heaps that needs to be done but yet don't have the energy to do any? I know they'll get done at some stage. What are some of the projects that you have on your mind?

Would love to hear what you are mulling over!
Lus x


singing mama said...

Yep I'm like you Lusi :)
Oh, mulling is a technique that you do to certain beverages to sweeten and spice them so that is prob why it reminds you of food :)
I often have days where I do not achieve all I set out to. I am still working on not feeling guilty and beating myself up for this. It is VERY rare to actually get done everything I desire.
I am currently mulling over emails I need to write, phone calls I need to make, rooms I need to clean, a food project I am working on, doing a midwifery course, planning all our schooling for term one, bills I need to pay, food I need to prepare, chore charts, room labels, how to be more 'fun' with the children, a baby I am growing, appointments I need to make, Autism therapies I need to organise, presents I need to get and more phew my head is spinning just thinking about it all!!!
Praying your day gets better and is blessed and full. LUV and HUGS DONNA

lusi said...

Wow! You have a big list too mate!
What's the midwifery course? That sounds interesting! Tell me more!!!
Love to you my friend :)
Here's to taking it all slowly!
Love Lus x

Christine said...

You don't want to see my list. And unfortunately my list MUST be done, not just mulled over, which is my natural tendency :(


Andi said...

Mulling over school, Torah, a vacation, how to make a dollar stretch and so forth and so on....yeah I am like you too! ;)

lusi said...

Andi...ditto to your list; those things are being mulled over in my mind too!

And Christine....wish I could help! Bet you are doing fabulously :) Have you got lots packed up?

Love to you both,
Lus x

Mommy Set Free said...

Are you kidding? I am the queen of lists(and pondering)! :-) I have lists for my lists,also notebooks and white boards for my lists. :-) You should see the "back end" of my blog...it would make most people's heads pop. I have posts labeled, (but empty - I do this when I get ideas to do "someday"). Some days I just have to stop and these things must just be sorted, prioritized and even "let go" of. It helps me to write it down...than i feel like it is "well kept" until I can give it that check mark of accomplishement(big party scream and horns)OR let it go (funeral march in my head for about 30 seconds). :-) Lists and pondering...are a good thing.

Christine said...

getting there thanks Lus. Thankfully I have heaps of boxes this time so if all else fails everything left just gets chucked into a box and sorted at the other end ;)

Andi - maybe Abba will make a way for an international vacation sometime????

Heidi said...

We're supposed to accomplish our mulling list? lol My list includes making skirts that fit, dying yarn for an order, writing my book, wondering just how many occupants I'm carrying around, trying to streamline school and chores before due date, writing Torah materials, and planning a sweater for hubby. Egats! No wonder I'm tired all the time. I hope you all are doing good on your lists.

lusi said...

lol Pamela!!! I have lists like that too and so many posts that pop into my head and stay in the drafts folders because i never get them finished! This post today was going to be 'drafted' but i thought, oh well! and posted it anyway! lol :) loved what you wrote at the end about the funeral march when you let things go! too funny!

Christine - good on you tackling it all and where did you get all your boxes from? I reckon that's always the hardest part - trying to fit everything into too few boxes! Thinking of you guys :)

And Heidi - tell me more about your book! I have begun writing one too but am sadly lacking time for it at the moment as well. I would love to hear more! And i take it that you don't know if you are having twins or not? wow! how exciting for you guys!!! how long have you got now? May the rest of your pregnancy be blessed by Abba :)

Love to you all,
Lus x

Leah-in-the-Kia said...

I could have written this post! (if I still had my blog!) I am mulling over packing to go on holidays on friday,cleaning the house, cleaning the cars,really needing a hair cut, getting mine and Britt's passport applications sorted and sent away, wishing I had gotten my hair cut before I had my passport photo taken,money,food,really needing to lose weight,Britt starting high school -wowza- I have 2 kids in high school and I still feel like I did when I was 15!, my upcoming 38th birthday - double wowza,Fallon's constant health problems,up coming trip to USA- re money, I could go on and on, my head jsut spins some days! does that all make sense?????

Heidi said...

Hi Lusi!
My book is a beginning reader version of the Torah. Try explaining the sacrificial system to a seven year old in words they can read lol! We don't know why I'm measuring so big. I'm twenty weeks, and looking forward to my ultrasound in February.

Anonymous said...

Good blog topic Lusi. It made me think about the things I really need to get done ASAP.

1/ Wash the windows. I am tired of seeing spider webs all over the windows of our house.

2/ Clean the panty out and sort through the food items which are now out of date and need tossing into the rubbish bin.

3/ Buy my daugther some new school shoes.

4/ Get a hair cut.

5/ Refresh our supplies in the first aid kit. Some things need replacing and updating in case of an emergency.

6/ Call Centerlink to talk about this years childcare rebate requirements.

I do hope your having a great week and getting some things achieved. Take care, from Susan McGuire (aka smiles1965) xxoo

lusi said...

Oh Leah, I'm feeling you girl! That is one huge list! I hope you get through what you need to and get to enjoy your holiday!

And Heidi, your book sounds fantastic! I'll be getting one when it's available! Looking forward to hearing more about how many beautiful bubbas you've got tucked away in there!!!

Love to you both,
Lus x

lusi said...

Hi Susan! Thanks for dropping by :) I hope you get to knock off a couple of those things from your list at the right time!
Hope you are well!
Love Lusi x

Stace said...

I am very much like you too Lusi!!! I am very much a list maker!!!

I try to write only achievable things on there for a daily list and then slightly more for a short term list etc... But yeah, some days I only achieve the bare minimum (sometimes - ok, OFTEN less than the bare min.) and then there are days where I achieve everything + then some!!! Its ok though, day by day - step by step!!! We are only one person so lets make sure we PRAISE ourselves for what we DO achieve!!! The things that are effortless and often thought of as something to be praised about - BEING MUM'S/WIVES/SISTERS/DAUGHTERS/FRIENDS...etc.... We do so many things big and small that we need to remember that - the 'list' will be there tomorrow.... xxx ;)

(sorry i may have gotten a bit off topic but for me i am in the process of ALLOWING myself to spend time with my boys + enjoy them rather than getting myself so down and feeling like a failure as a wife + mother because i havent done the washing , washed the dishes, weeded the garden etc...) I want to have a guilt free life where I can achieve the IMPORTANT things in life ... The BORING things will get done too, but fun / learning / love will be had first!! :) )

Melanie B said...

Hey Lus
Mmm this is me daily I think and making sure that I don't get overwhelmed!!
I am mulling over choosing to
1 -write a curriculum, or just buy one for the first year until we are into the homeschooling
2 - Where God is going to take me, my family this year which could be possibly away from all our friends and family and church
3. the ever growing to do list including menu plan, chore charts, scheduling our little family also allowing some spontaneity
4. making our dollar stretch and trusting our God to provide in those times it doesnt
5. wanting to achieve more than I actually achieve each day
6. learning to breathe & relax & give it all to God at the end of the day when it doesn't go how I think it should
7. thinking about my supplications to God while in our prayer and fasting with church.

Thanks Lusi for always giving us posts that challenge & make us think.
Love Me xx

lusi said...

Stace, loved what you wrote here..."The BORING things will get done too, but fun / learning / love will be had first!! :)" That's how i feel too :)

And Mel, I'm so sorry I haven't emailed you back yet - I keep meaning to - really! I'll send you through a sample of what we do if you like? I was thinking of posting an 'average day' in our homeschool kind of post but just haven't gotten around to it yet either! lol :) It's on my list!!! lol!!!

Anyway, I'll try and do the post and try and email you too :)
Many blessings mate as you work out with God what the right thing is for your fam.

Love Lus x

caz1975 said...

Hi Lusi, this is totally off topic of the mulling over lists (which yes I do too and then delcare I'm too tired to care about half of it!), but it is certainly something i'm mulling over and since you seem to be great at explaining things I thought i'd ask you.

I have been mulling over the sabbath and was wondering how you came to decide it was on a Saturday and what exactly you would consider 'resting' etc? I have been doing lots and lots of Bible reading lately and have found answers for many of my questions but not this one,because it still says in Hebrews to keep the sabbath. I always assumed that Sunday was the sabbath and that going to church was what we were supposed to do but I've noticed that you guys have Sat as the sabbath and you don't cook on the sabbath so I was just wondering if you could poitn me in the direction of where I find out more about that? Thanks :-)

lusi said...

Hi Carolyn!
You ask a great question mate; one that i began asking quite a few years ago.
I'll start off by just sharing this link with you: http://www.religioustolerance.org/sabbath.htm which is a multi-faith kind of website (in that i mean they are not all christian or torah keepers of anything like that) with just facts and dates on when the Sabbath Day was changed from a Saturday to a Sunday by the Christian faith. One person and one event to look up historically in regards to this would be the Emperor Constantine and The Council of Laodocea of 364Ad. Constantine hated the Jews (i've read recently through copies of his letters and believe me he hated the Jews!) and wanted to distance him and his roman nation from anything Jewish. The thing though about the sabbath is that it was never just given to the 'Jewish' people. It was given to God's people. Anyone who follows after God and desires to be in a covenental relationship with Him is called His people; even if they are not naturally born of Israel (like us!) You can read more on that in Numbers 15 and Leviticus 23. Before God gives all the feasts to His people, he gives them the Sabbath Day! In Leviticus 23:2 he says, "These are MY appointed feasts, the appointed feasts of YHVH (the LORD)." Then before he mentions any of the other feasts, he mentions sabbath! It is a joyous feast we get to partake of each week! It is so good for our body (and our souls) to rest. There is no torah instruction that says we can not cook (not that i've found anyway) but I really want to rest as much as the rest of my family do so I try and do as much cooking the day before hand.

Some great passages of scripture to look up about the sabbath are Exodus 16 (did you know that God told His people to celebrate the Sabbath BEFORE he gave it to them in the 10 commandments?!?!)I never knew that and one day (before I was celebrating sabbath I found that and was blown away!)

Another passage is Isaiah 58:13-14 that speaks of calling the sabbath a 'delight' and the LORD's holy day honourable. I don't know about you, but to me, who is man to change the LORD's holy day that He said He blessed and set apart and made holy (Genesis 2:3)? I know that I certainly don't feel that man has the right to just go and change something that the Most High God created as a blessing for us. He is the potter and I am His clay!

Many people told me early on that the church changed it because Jesus rose on a Sunday and also because in Acts 20:7 it says that the they came together to break bread on the 'first day of the week'. Two things about that; they broke bread together EVERY DAY (Acts 2:46)and in Acts 20:7 the 'first day of the week' is actually a mistranslation. You can check it out for yourself at this link: http://www.studylight.org/isb/bible.cgi?query=act+20:7&section=0&it=kjv&ot=bhs&nt=na&Enter=Perform+Search
Under the english, you will see the greek transliteration. The 6th word in is 'sabbatwn'. click on it and the definition that comes us clearly says 'sabbaton' which means the sabbath day/seventh day. That passage should literally read "On the Sabbath day..." rather than on the first day of the week.

lusi said...

I think mate that what happens is that we are taught that this is what we do; we go to church on sunday and that is it. We don't really ask, what does GOD (who made it) consider HIS Sabbath Day? What does He desire of me in terms of worshipping Him on this particular day? Did He change it?
And for me those questions were answered by acknowledging that God made Saturday as His Sabbath day (none of the calendars ever changed the order of the days). His Word tells me that I am to rest and that the Sabbath Day is a gift; a blessing for me. It is a day that reminds me of my Creator, reminds me that in Him I find my ultimate rest and that I, as an act of love, stop doing what I want for just one day and focus more on Him. We can do that everyday of course, but how much more can we do it when our bodies are physically resting?

So what do we do? Well, like I said I try and do as little as possible but there are still bits and pieces that need to happen and that's ok. Sometimes we go for a family picnic, we read Scripture aloud, we sing, we meet with others who also delight in the Sabbath, we might pray, the kids have fun and play games, we might go to the park or just stay in our pj's all day! As we walk in out with God, He leads us by His Spirit to show us what is right :)

Well, I know that it is alot of info but I hope that some of it may help you in your quest for the Truth!
May God lead and guide you in it :)

Much love to you,
Lus x

lusi said...

Sorry for the broken up comments- blogger won't let me post them as one thing! So i had to split them! And then i had a barry and kept reposting them! lol :) I think they are in the right order now :) Phew!
Love Lus x

caz1975 said...

Thanks for all that Lusi :-)

lusi said...

No probs mate :)
Bless ya!
Love Lus x


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