Thursday, January 6, 2011

Shabbat (Sabbath) Menu :)

So I've gotten through most of what is on my list (see previous post) which is good.

Thought I'd come and share our Shabbat (sabbath) menu for this week:

Friday night:
* Baked pumpkin Risotto with Fresh Corriander & Parmesan Cheese

Saturday Brekky:
* Special Shabbat cereal (which they only have once a week!)
* Toast

Saturday Snacks/Morning/Afternoon Tea:
* Banana and Poppy Seed cupcakes baked this arvo
* Fresh Fruit
* Nuts
* Rice cakes
* I think I'm going to whip up one of these Upside Down Berry Meringues that I love! We'll see ;)

Saturday Lunch:
* Slow Cooker Lasagne (see post below). I've got it all on now and it smells yummy. Hope it turns out well!
* Salad which will look something like this:

Saturday Dinner:
* Pizza Breads with Tomato + Cheese toppings

Some weeks I get some stuff like this ready and other weeks its pretty much whatever we can throw together. I like to be as organised as i can just simply because it means I actually do less on Shabbat and that equals even more blessed rest to enjoy in Yehovah's (God's) presence!

Love and blessings Mishpoka (family) as you enjoy your Shabbat (sabbath)!
Lus x


faelih said...

Hi Lusi! Your menu looks lovely this week! I'm going to do the cereal idea this week. I thought it would be nice to lighten the load and they never get cereal, so it will be special! :). ~~Shabbat Shalom to you and your family!~~

lusi said...

Thanks Phyllis! And Shabbat shalom to you all too!
Love Lusi x


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