Thursday, January 6, 2011

Preparation Day!

Today, being Friday the day before Shabbat, is Preparation Day.
It is the day when we work a little extra and prepare a little more so that tomorrow i can do a LOT less!!!
Tomorrow is also our rental inspection with our landlord's so I am working that little bit harder today cleaning windows and sills so that I don't have to do anything tomorrow :) I've done the fruit, veg and meat shopping this morning so that's at least a start!

So, jobs I have to still do today:

*Weekly Menu Plan
* Loungeroom Windows + Sills
* Bedroom Windows + Sills
* Clean Main Bathroom
* Tidy Spare Room
* Vaccuum all rooms
* Tidy back room
* Fold and put away 4 loads of washing

One of the things I am planning on making is this yummy crockpot lasagne which Pamela over at Home Shalom posted recently. Yummo! Hope you don't mind me sharing the photo Pamela! I'm going to try and replace the ricotta though because Brettski is not a fan of ricotta. Anyway, check out her photo below! How delish does that look?

I made one earlier this year but you didn't brown the mince (ground beef) first and it didn't taste the best so I'm hoping this will make a difference! Here was Chook making it last time :) I reckon this one's going to be even better!

While I've been cleaning and organising today, I've been listening to songs by Mason Clover; especially the songs 'I am Israel' and 'Sing to Yahweh'. I'm not sure if you can hear them on his website (i'm just linking so you know who I am talking about!) but i have downloaded them through itunes for a small fee a few weeks ago. The other artist I am listening to is Greg Silverman; especially his song "How Lovely is Your Dwelling Place' and 'Revival Plan'. I must thank my mate Jono over at TRUTH2U for getting me onto both these guys :) And as I shared last week, thanks to my beautiful mate Loz, am still loving Zemer Levav.

So tunes in my headphones while I work, things on my list to be done (Yah willing!) and a heart delighting and resting in my Saviour!

You can check out how other people prepare for Shabbat (Sabbath) too by clicking HERE.
Hope you are having a great day too :)
Love Lus x


Andi said...

Oh I wanted to try the crock pot lag...too! But we settled for beef stew and sourdough bread! ;) Have a restful Sabbath!

lusi said...

Oh YUMMO - beef stew and sourdough! You've got my mouth watering Andi!
Bless you my friend :)
Love Lus x

singing mama said...

Oh I finally clicked on the link to zemur levav and found they are a band whose cd I have looked at numerous times at koorong and thought about buying. So good to be able to check it out. I think it will make lovely homebirth music!
Luv Donna

lusi said...

Oh I had no idea they were in Koorong! Yay! I'll check that out next time I'm there :) Thanks for passing that on mate. And I reckon they'd make GREAT homebirth music for sure!!!
Love Lus x

Mommy Set Free said...

How did the lasagna turn out for you??


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