Monday, January 10, 2011

Make your own Calendar + A GIVEAWAY!

Normally, by the end of December, I've chosen a new calendar for the coming Roman-calendar year.
This year, I hadn't as yet.
I like an unusual calendar, and often I make my own.
This year I didn't have the time.
But I found this little cutie at a shop recently...

Step 1.
Open up the cute calendar with the very brightly coloured background paper

Step 2.
Print off 12 of your fave photos.
I printed off ones that conincided with the month from the year before.
So for say the month of January, I printed off a photo of the kids on Australia Day which of course is a holiday from January.
Attatch photo with double sided tape to calendar.

Step 3.
Sit back and enjoy how incredibly easy + cute this little project is.


Here are a quick little selection of some of the calendar pages.

Tonight I will sit down and go through and write down all the birthdays that I try and keep track of throughout the years and other special things that need to be noted down.

For those interested, I got the calendar from Go Lo (which for my international readers is a bargain store in Australia).

So, if you are like me and haven't gotten around to getting your calendar done just yet, then you can go into the draw to win one of these! I'll send it out to the winner this week.
Simply leave a comment on this post for your chance to win it.
I'm tipping most of you already have your calendars done but hey, you never know ;)
Much love + more soon,
Lus x
Ps: For any of my blog reader friends in QLD; my prayers and thoughts are with you during this time of flooding.

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Stace said...

WOW!! I will have to keep my eye out for a shop like that here!!! What a fantastic idea - and its colourful + bright too!!! Love the space to write things in the squares too!! You are always finding nifty little things Lusi!! Good work!! xx

Stace said...

P.S - 'Go Lo' is our 'crazy clarks' here in Australia!! x

lusi said...

Hi Stace!
You are right; the same owners I believe own Crazy Clarks and also Sam's Warehouse so anyone with one of those could check it out there too :)
I'll pop you in the draw!
Love Lus x

Leah-in-the-Kia said...

Love it! what a great way to use up photos and remember what you did last year! How awful is the flooding, i just cant imagine what it would be like especially with the kids

lusi said...

I know Leah; so devestating hey.
Popping you in the draw!
Lusi x

Melanie B said...

Hi Lus the food all looked YUM. I love seeing what other people think up too.
we are ok up here with the floods on the gold coast, but friends and family have been hit really hard, we appreciate all the prayers!!!

Love that calendar might have to go see if I can find one.You have such brilliant ideas!! I have lots of photos sitting around that I haven't scrapped which would be perfect.
Bless you have a great week. Mel xx

lusi said...

Hi Mel,
So glad to hear you are safe and well mate. Sorry to hear your friends and family are in the thick of it. Praying for all those involved.
Popping you in the draw for the calendar too!
Much love + take care,
Lus x


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