Tuesday, January 11, 2011

We just had a yummy dinner...and I thought I'd share it with you!

We eat a whole lot of things here.
A whole variety of things.
Sometimes when I'm organised well, we eat a little feast.
Sometimes we eat raw foods and organic produce from our garden.
Other times it's frozen vegies + a tin of tuna :)
Not long ago when I was really tired, we'd baked gingerbread men in the afternoon. That plus some milk turned into dinner that night :)

Tonight was one of the nights where I thought we might try a couple of new things.
They were all really simple things but it was a really flavoursome dinner.
Not on the 'raw foods' side nor particularly on the 'very healthy' side but definitely on the yummy side!

So it was garlic chicken, dill and honey carrots, minted peas, salted potatoes, beans and corn...

For the chicken, I roughly cut up a couple of chicken breasts then chucked them into a ziplock bag witha  good couple of tablespoons of minced garlic + a real good salting... 

Mash them around in the ziplock bag so it all gets really well coated.
Then just fry them up in two batches...

they turned out like this...

While the chook was cooking, I'd quartered up some potatoes and chucked them into a pan of oil (we have been using Rice Bran oil for the past couple of months - thanks Christine!) but I'd run out so ours were just done in canola...not nearly as healthy for us but it was all i had! Roast them in a hot oven with either heaps of plain rock salt or with garlic salt over them...

Once they are cooked, I put them on a rack to drain the oil off a bit over a second tray...

They turned out really well too....yummy salty and crispy-on-the-outside potatoes...(remember i said this wasn't really the healthiest of dishes!)

I steamed up a pot of quartered carrots and once they were nice and tender, pulled them out of the pot, chucked them into a bowl and popped a really generous tablespoon of honey over them and some fresh dill from the garden...totally delicious combo! First time I've added the dill (on Brett's suggestion - the boy is a closet chef I'm telling ya!) and it so worked!!!

For the peas, we were inspired by a Jamie Oliver ep where he cooked his peas in this way;
1 big tablespoon of butter melted in a pan with a tablespoon of plain flour. Once they have melted together a bit, add in 300ml (approx) of chicken stock/water + about 6 or 7 fresh mint leaves (just squished up) 

+ then just add a cup or two of frozen peas. Cook for, well you know, a bit and voila!

So there you go, sometimes a really quick meal like toasted sandwhiches or boiled eggs and other times around here we enjoy something a little extra spesh for no reason at all :) I plan on sharing on more meal ideas (both simple and the little extra special kind too) this year. I love reading about what other people cook too because it often inspires me to try something different for my family!

More soon :)
Lus x


singing mama said...

Looks and sounds YUMMY Lusi!!! I love reading recipes others do especially ones like you've done where it is a bunch of yummy different things.
Luv Donna

kieranedwards said...

Ohh yummy that looks fantastic Lusi!

kathy said...

Looks yum! It's fun to create nice meals but I also love having our toast night!

lusi said...

Thanks guys :)
Kathy I am SO with you; still love our 'easier' nights too! Toast, eggs, salad, gingerbread men (!!!) or whatever it is :)
Hope you are well mate!
Love Lus x

Peterson Party said...

Dinner looks delicious! I am so coming to your house for dinner :)
Thanks for stopping by and commenting at my blog! You are always so sweet and so kind that you want to blog about us! Have a great day :)

lusi said...

You are welcome Cara! I just love seeing all you guys get up to :)

Andi said...

The picture of your delish! Food makes my tummy growl! Looks wonderful!

Mommy Set Free said...

Lus - this looks so yummy! Rice Bran oil??? Never heard of it...I don't know if we can get that herein the US. How would you describe it? Would love to learn more.

Hey we have been praying for you all over there...you our of harms way of the flooding?

singing mama said...

Just saying that I was checking this post again to look at how to do the potatoes and Mira was looking too, and she says "oh I like my dinner" pointing to your pictures :)
Also I found out this morning that pastrami is smoked corned beef!! So I reckon if you were to fry that up it would taste good! I am going to get some for Kieran to try :)
Luv Donna

lusi said...

Thanks Andi!

Pamela :) Thanks for your love and concern! We are not near the current flood zone which has ripped through much of QLD. We are praying for the people there too.

As for the rice bran oil, i think it is oil from the rice germ. Here's a wiki link to it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rice_bran_oil
I hope that helps in some way :)

Lovely Donna; how gorgeous is Mira! That's so cute :) And pastrami is corned beef? wow! i'll look it up too - thanks for sharing!

Love to you all my friends!


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