Sunday, December 26, 2010

More from the past fortnight...

Some more happenings from around here lately...

Catching Tadpoles...

Story behind this was the kids had been wanting to catch some fish so the next best thing was going to the pet store, buying them each a little fishing scoop and taking them to the local lake to try and catch some tadpoles. They really enjoyed this :)

Upside-down Pineapple cake...

Daddy cuddles....

Grubby Face!

Bbq Party!

Last weekend we had a big (casual!) bbq to celebrate three big milestones in our family;
1. my very belated 30th birthday (last year!)
2. Zip's belated 1st birthday (early this year!)
3. Our tenth wedding anniversary (this past month)
It was such a lovely afternoon with friends and family.
Thank you to everyone who came! Our lives have been made richer by you throughout the years!
We missed some of our friends and family who couldn't be there but we understood too. We love you all :)
Special thanks to Christine and Jono and their family who travelled quite a distance to be here! Was so great to hang out with you guys again!

One of the highlights for me was doing some Hebrew circle dancing to Marty Goetz's 'Whoever is Thirsty'.
Thanks Loz!!! You are such a beautiful friend; teaching me dancing and always loving and supporting me!
Another family tradition is to have an icecream birthday cake for our children's first birthday. It's the only year we do it for but we've done it for all 4 kiddos now. Here's Zippi's...

We had some great times of fellowship during and after the party.
We praise YHVH for a wonderful time :)

Some upcoming stuff:

* I'm trying to get the annual homeschool photo book done up today & printed. The kids love looking back over the year in photographs and enjoy sharing it with visitors who pop in.

* I've got the Board of Studies coming within a week to do all 3 kids registration (one for the first time and the others are being re-registered. First time all three are old enough to be registered!)

* We are having a family bbq here today which will be nice.

* I've got some culling and sorting to do around the house.

Well, more another time,
Love Lus x 


Andi said...

:) The pineapple upside down cake looks wonderful...and so does all the smiles!

lusi said...

And it didn't taste too bad either ;) lol!
Love to you Andi!
Lus x

Christine said...

we had such a great time with you all Lus! Thanks so much for inviting us and can't wait to see you again!


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