Friday, December 24, 2010

A Little About Me...

I know that alot of people who pop by here wouldn't normally click on the 'About Me' tab so I thought I would re-post it here for those who are new to reading my blog or for those who don't really know much about what we believe.

Here it is...

Hi + welcome! Shalom!

My name is Lusi and I'm so glad you stopped by my little blog.

This is the place I come to share parts of my life and my faith with my family and friends. It is where I come to record parts of our life that I might want to look back on in years to come.

I'm wife to my Brett and we've been married for just over 10 years. Together, we are blessed to have 4 beautiful children whom we love so much. I homeschool the children and Brett tries to help out as much as he can too. In the 10 years we've been married, we've dealt some great difficulties within our marriage, with a child being diagnosed with autism, me having an auto immune blood disorder diagnosed and treated, countless hospitalisations, a splenectomy (surgical removal of the spleen), a bone marrow biopsy, severe chemical-diet changes, 6 house moves, teaching scrapbooking, a semi-career as a sub editor for a scrapbooking magazine and a scrapbooking product designer and an acceptance and growing understanding of Torah (as God's loving instructions to His children).

Life is not perfect around here - we have our ups and our downs! Please keep that in mind when you look at smiling children's faces and yummy cooked slices. There are other days, when I don't usually feel like blogging, where the house looks like some kind of bomb has hit it and when this place should be more acurately termed 'tantrum central'! We are all works in progress here!

We love and live for our amazing God whose name has been revealed in the Scriptures as YHVH. This stands for Yud He Vav He. And with the vowel points in place (thanks to the Leningrad Codex complete copy of the Tanakh (old testament)) we see that we pronounce His name Ye-ho-vah with the emphasis on the vah part at the end. We are in a life-giving relationship with God and believe this has always been His desire since Adam + Eve's time.

We are enjoying returning to the Truth of His Word. This has meant 'un-learning' a whole lot of things that we've thought were truth but realising that they were the traditions of men, perpetuated through years of continued teaching. We have also realised that there has been a lot of truth that we have NOT previously seen in the Word and we are now enjoying adjusting our lives to line up with His Ways as best as we can. We believe that His Ways are the commands, decrees, statutes and precepts that He outlined in the giving of His Torah. Torah simply means instruction. So we are coming back to understand our Hebrew Roots and the people into which we have been grafted. We ask Him to lead us in His ways by His Spirit.

We do not believe that the Torah saves us! The Torah was never intended to save anyone! Rather, we accept that the blood of a perfect one was spilled for us. His name is Yeshua (which literally means YHVH saves) and most know His name as Jesus. He became the sin offering for us and because of God's grace, by Him alone are we saved!

We believe His Torah (instructions) are His loving boundaries for His people and we do them because we love him not to be loved by him. There is so much joy and delight to be found in returning to the ways that Yehovah (God) outlined for His people. We are His people and He is our God and His ways are our ways!

If you would like to ask any questions, please feel free! There are also other pages you can click on to learn more about what Torah is, why we are on this journey and who His people are.

May YOU be blessed as you walk in faith with our Creator who is merciful and kind, loving and compassionate. May you seek Him in Truth. I know you will find Him there!

Love Lusi x


Jamie said...

Hi Lusi,

This is Jamie from Pursuing the Old Paths. I left this comment for you on my blog. I am now following your blog as well. I look forward to a growing friendship!

You have encouraged me tonight in so many ways. I believe that you were an answer to prayer today. I have been feeling a bit upset today and very alone in my convictions. I prayed and asked the Lord to continue to show me His will in this area. And here you are......encouraging me. Thank you.

The Lord has been giving me a strong desire to learn about His feasts for a few years now. I am reading through a book right now about the 7 Biblical feasts. I went to a Messianic Jewish church for the Feast of Lights (I know that this is not one of the 7) I will be celebrating Passover this year instead of Easter. A fellow homeschooling friend is having a Passover celebration at her house and has invited my family to be a part of it. I am thrilled! I plan on going to my friend's Messianic Jewish church more often but especially to learn about the feasts.

Everything you said, I have learned over the past two years. I listened to Stanley's audios this week and was very impressed with them. Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and share so much with me.


lusi said...

Hi Jamie!!!

You've warmed my heart so much! I am so glad that God has been encouraging you! I know He will continue to do so as you seek Him.

We have been really blessed by many books and by alot of fellowship. May I just pass on a piece of advice that was given us at the start of this journey? Jesus said to the Pharisees that they were doing things ('traditions of men') that annuled the commandments of God (Matt 15). Our friends encouraged us to test everything we read and learnt against the Scriptures which we know is God's Word and Truth.
As we began studying things, even people who claimed to be 'Messianic followers' seemed to believe things that went against what God revealed in His Word. Now we are not saying we have all the answers to everything - far from it! We know nothing! But He is the source of all Truth and Wisdom and we just want to walk in that and live it out.

I hope you don't mind me sharing that aadvice with you but it has REALLY helped us along the way so far!

I'm so looking forward to getting to you know more Jamie!!!

Know that you are not alone dear sister.

May all of His blessings be yours through Christ, our Saviour.

Love Lusi x

Jamie said...

I agree with you in that everything must be tested against G-d's Holy Word, our only source of Truth. The Messianic Jewish church that I went to, the Rabbi thinks that it is fine for Christians to celebrate Christmas. My friend that goes there does not. We must always be like the Bereans taking everything back to G-d's Word.

Mark 7:7-13 was very convicting for me to hear about on Stanley's audio about Christmas. To me, it was speaking directly about Christmas. It is the same as Matt 15 I think.

Thanks for stopping by again to share all of this.


lusi said...

Amen!Please keep sharing with me what you are learning! God is so good!
Love Lusi x

Enid said...

Love this Lusi....

Thanks for sharing...!



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