Friday, December 31, 2010

Shabbat Shalom!

We've had a very full week this week.
Quite a bit of travel and some emotional highs and lows.
And I am feeling very tired.
SO, no wonder YHVH (God) created a full days rest for us to enjoy and delight in!
Oh man, I sooooo look forward to shabbat (sabbath)!
I look forward to being off my feet and not having to cook as much.
I look forward to being in His Word, studying His ways, fellowship-ing, praying, discussing, eating and worshipping.

Donna inspired me to get our menu up for this week.
So here goes...

Friday night:
Beef bolognese + pasta
Home made garlic bread pull-apart

Shabbat cereal (organic (preservative free) cocoa cereal that the kids are allowed only once a week on Shabbat - they look forward to it as a very special treat!)

Morning Tea/Afternoon Tea:
Passionfruit muffins (pictured below)
Fresh Fruit and Vegies

Lentil + legume corriander + vegetable soup
(kinda like in the picture below except this one is cooked in the slowcooker + there's no chicken! lol)

Bean Nachos with cheese + tomato salsa style topping

I'm really looking forward to finishing up some of the blog posts I've got in draft at the moment about Torah. I've been enjoying learning so much from Yehovah (God) and want to share what He's been graciously teaching me here. Looking forward to getting some time to do that soon :)

Last weekend, Lori, my dear friend, got me onto a beautiful family band called 'Zemerlevav'. If you click on the link  HERE you can hear some.
May you be blessed Mishpoka (family) as you enter into His rest!
All my love,
Lus x


singing mama said...

Oh your menu sounds good!! I am gonna click on that link, love discovering new music that is all about YHVH!!
Hope you have restful night and shabbat shalom for tomorrow lovely Lusi!!
Luv Donna

faelih said...

Yes, it sounds quite delish! I loved the photo of the passionfruit muffins; yum! :). ~~ And thank you for sharing the music link. Beautiful!

Stace said...

WOW - where did you buy that set that you have your fruit sitting on??? I love it!!! :) Would love to find one near me!! xx

lusi said...

Thanks lovely ladies :) Bless you all!

Hi Stace! The platter stand I got from Coles believe it or not, for $25. It's a really great one. Do you have a Coles nearby? Hope that helps!

Love Lusi x

Stace said...

Lusi - REALLY!!! That is FANTASTIC!! I sure do have a coles near by and will be keeping my eyes peeled for one!!! THANKYOU!!! :) xx

lusi said...

Most welcome Stace! Hope you find one :-)
Lusi x


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