Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Girls' Room Makeover...

A little while back I posted THIS POST about doing over the Guest Bedroom on a budget.
I thought I might share about how we've done the girls room up, also on a budget.
We have been in the same rental house now for the past (almost) 7 years! We have been truly blessed here with good landlords, a safe environment + most importantly - the presence of the King! When we moved in we had a 22 month old and a 3 month old. Now, 7 years later we have 4 beautiful blessings here with us!

Before I go on I will post another disclaimer; their room is not always like this! I say this because I've been accused before of 'not being real'.  That's not my intention. I do, however, happen to have been created to enjoy home decorating. I just don't believe it  is the be all and end all of life. I wanted to share that in the form of showing others that just because you are on a budget and in a rental, doesn't mean you can't kind of 'do' up a space. .

So, with that said, here is their room...

* Loft bed with desk underneath (bought 2nd hand from an ad on the local community news board for $100 about 4 years ago)
* Coverlet is one of the most expensive items in the room - we got it from KMart for $35 before winter this year. It has been a very good investment though! Kept the kids nice and warm :)
* The other white wooden furniture (except the tall boy which can't be seen here) was given to us by some very kind friends from our mother's group about 4 years ago. We were very thankful for that!

* Clock was on sale for $3 KMart
* Matching Wall canvasses were on sale for $6 for the set (end of line clearance!) all hanging on 3M hooks
* Photo board is just a cork board we had littered with photos of the fam and nature

* Vase: old tea bag holder from the Reject Shop originally (i think for $4)
* Flowers in vase were my bridesmaids bouquet from my friend Emma's wedding a couple of years ago
* Tea set was a splurge but cute as (and TIN so no breakages on our main tiled floors in the house!) $29. A real treat for our girls and we hope they have many tea parties together in their room!
* Curtains: pink + purple butterfly curtains purchased from Spotlight about 7 years ago now and still going strong! lol :)

* Junior Sleigh bed: was very kindly given to us by our mates Pete + Tiff and was our god-daughter's bed! Brett painted it white and it looks gorgeous - especially with our little princess in it!
* Butterfly pillow was given as a gift to Stass by her dear friend Alyssa and she treasures it - she's letting ZIp use it for a bit every now and then ;)
* And the green pillow is one I made a little while back - this is Zippi's fave pillow right now :)

* This tall boy was going to be chucked out recently and was kindly offered to us. Brett picked it up and it lived in our garage for quite some time. Brett gave it a sand and a good lick of white paint (was brown before) and it looks lovely and fresh :)

* Storge tubs: I picked these up when they were on special; like 2 in a pack for $10 i think. Now even though they are a real cute pink colour, they were also see through so it showed everything inside. So I went and bought some pink cardboard, cut some inserts for just the front of the boxes and it neatly hides away everything inside. Stass just needs to look in the top (or the sides) to see what's inside right now but we will be labelling them on the front to make it a little easier. Just looking for some nice stickers to use for the labels).

*More storage tubs: picked up from the $2 shop over the years. Again, storing heaps of treasures and papers and all her bits and bobs but kind of neatly ties it altogether i think.
* Lamp shade (matching the canvasses and clock) was also $3 (end of line clearance too)

* Towel rack just over the closet door for the girls: $2 from a cheap store a couple of years ago.
* Pj bag: hanging on the door :)

* Wall decals: were from a bargain store a couple of years ago. Can't recommend this brand unfortunately - not as repositonable as we'd hoped :( but we will be repainting this room.
* Mobile: above the sleigh bed was one Stass and I made together out of some pink rattan balls not long back. Cost about $3 for materials from memory.

* Floor rug: $10 from Ikea
* White can basket used to be their clothing basket but is now their toy box. I kept forgetting to check if they had clothes in there when it was a dirty clothes bin...lol :)
* And the 2 stools were also given to us from Pete + Tiff :)
* Keyboard cover: Under the desk is Stass' keyboard and I made an elasticised cover for it out of a spare curtain that matches the pink and purple butterfly curtains they have hanging up

We have been very blessed with things offered for us to use instead of them being chucked out - we are thankful for that provision which we know comes from God.

Well, that's the tour :)
More another time.
Lus x


Christine said...

You have a gift for home decorating, that's for sure! Just like scrapbooking...but now your whole home looks like a beautiful scrapbook album! And far more useful that a scrapbook album...everyone benefits from your creative skills!

If I spend more time around you will it wear off on me? Is it contagious? can I pay you?


Karen said...

Looks lovely and bright Lusi :) Are the girls enjoying being in the same room?

Anonymous said...

Hi Lusi

I loved seeing your girls bedroom with all that pink. You sure are good at putting together bargain pieces and making everything blend together perfectly. It's very interesting to see how different people use things to make their house a home, very nicely done.

Thanks for your recent email, it's great to be reading your blog again and get in touch.

Your photos and blog enteries make me smile. Have a great week and take care of yourselves.

From Susan (smiles1965) xxoo

Chrissy said...

Aww their room looks so precious, what a beautiful space for the girls to spend time together.
Hugs xx

Sarah said...

Your girls will not want to leave there bedroom after waking up feeling like princesses every day! Just gorgeous. xxx

Peta said...

WOW - well done you,.... it looks gorgeous - can you come and do my girls room please???

lusi said...

Aw thanks everyone!
The girls love being together and love their room (added bonus!).
Love to you all,
Lus x

Bridget said...

Wow Lusi love the new room especially the tea set:-) The girls must never want to leave it!

Say hi to everyone for me!

love you guys,


lusi said...

Thanks Bridgi!
Love to you too sweetheart :)
Stass sends her BIG love to you too!
Lus x

Elisa Love*it said...

Lusi, the room looks beautiful! I love white furniture and walls too :o)
Did you paint the flowers on the wall or are they deco stickers. Very nice.

lusi said...

Thanks Elisa! The flowers are stickers but sadly not as 'repositionable' as they claimed to be! I got your email yesterday -thanks- and will reply really soon. You are in my prayers :-)
Love lus x

Peterson Party said...

What a great room for little girls! I have looked through some of your other posts and seen other room makeovers. You have done a fantastic job!

jess said...

the room looks gorgeous Lus! Great job!!!

Autumn said...

adorable makeover!



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