Monday, October 11, 2010

And one last post for the day...

Home grown leeks to put in the pumpkin soup...

kids' first fishing rods given by my dad all ready to go (they used to be his rods and I still remember him fishing with these - so special)...

the pumpkin soup (in a post or two back now) with fresh home grown spinach...

and um...the cutest little face + hands soaking up every bit of pumpkin-soup-goodness :)

More another time. And when I say another won't be tonight - lol. That truly must be my record for the most number of posts to the same blog on the same day. lol!
Love and blessings to you my friends,
Lus x
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kathy said...

Those leeks look like my shallotts. I have these huge shallots growing in my garden! I wonder if I could use them like a leek?
Oh and that soup does look yummy even if I don't like pumpkin! :)

lusi said...

Hi Kathy :-)
Brett definetley planted leeks but I asked him about the difference between leeks and shallots. He said the centre of the leek is solid but shallots are hollow. Not sure if that helps? I often just interchange them for recipes too and I don't think anyone's ever been able to tell! ;)
Love lus x

rockmelon said...

Hi Lusi love to hear how the family is going. We have moved 3 times in 18 months, now on Sunshine Coast, Brad now pastoring as he hurt his back and Pinnacle not an ooption... still homeschooling, this is our 5th year... i now blog you can follow the link and we can stay in touch.
Lolely to hear from you! love Rochelle

lusi said...

Hi Rochelle! So lovely of you to stop by!
Sorry to hear about Brad's back - that must have been hard on you all.
I had a quick squiz at your blog and can't get over how your kiddos have grown up! Lovely to see you all healthy + happy in Him!
Lots of love,
Lus x


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