Monday, September 20, 2010

Eye Spy with my little Eye something beginning with M...

Oh yes, it is the masked-lapwing (Vanellus Miles) plover birds that have taken over our backyard for the past month...

They hatched their first baby (of four) on the weekend.
Cute but these plover adults are not kidding. They are so highly territorial that we cannot go out into the backyard unless we stay just under the covered area. I kid you not, we are feeling trapped! It has been one long month!
Here are mother + chick...

We noticed the mother was 'talking' to its baby in a very different way to the normal 'ke ke ke ke' sound that it makes. Was really interesting.
But still, check out the spur on its wing in the photo below! I've made the rest of the pic black and white so you can see the yellow spur a bit better (hopefully). When they swoop, they mean business. They have a spur on each wing.
They are a protected species here according to WIRES. I can't help but wonder though why they have more rights in our backyard than we do?

Anyway, just wanted to document it here since it is still part of our 'homeschooling/homelearning' journey.
Lus x
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Christine said...

Lol! Praying you get your backyard back soon but in the meantime what a great lesson, hey??? Speaking of Australian birds we have been watching this

WOW! See if you can get it at the library...amazing won't regret it it is STUNNING. Stunning!


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