Monday, September 20, 2010

Feast - Yom HaKippurim - Day of Atonement 2010

Began for us on Shabbat evening with prayer, a vegie soup + Brett reading from Leviticus 23. Then we had a discussion and look into whether or not the Scriptures actually said to 'fast' on this day and what 'afflicting your soul' or 'denying yourself' looks like in the Hebrew meanings. We talked about understanding mans traditions vs understanding what the Bible actually teaches.
Again, it's not wrong to fast and infact, it most likely was the practice in the New Testament (still looking into this one - Acts 27 verse especially in the Greek) but it is important to us to know tradition from instruction.

 The older two children and I sat up and thought about needs of our friends, our local community, our nation + Israel that we wanted to pray for.

We put them into this little red box until the next day...

Please see my earlier post about this feast but we had already decided anyway to have a fruit platter for breakfast...

which included 'blood oranges' which the kids had never seen or eaten before. We talked about how Yeshua (Jesus) gave His blood as the perfect sacrifice for us. This led to someone asking whether or not there was really blood in the oranges but hey!

The rest of the day; we had a great time of fellowship skyping with the Vandors and getting into the Word, the kiddos coloured in some of their Day of Atonement colouring in books that I made, they played lego, sat in the sun snacking on vegie sticks, read bits of the Bible aloud, discussed Truth together, watched the baby bird take its first steps in our backyard and then we headed off as a family to hear a friend of ours, Kate, play some music. She is friends with some beautiful people that we hadn't yet met and they were there too. It was a joy and blessing to meet Sarit and Eyal and their two precious princesses. After some great times of chatting and fellowship, we gathered back at our house for an impromptu bbq and afternoon tea. We really feasted and it was a beautiful time that I won't ever forget! For us it was all about what we had been reading about in Isaiah 58 as an 'acceptable fast' to God. What a delight :)

Thank you for your company, chats, your listening ears, your kind hearts + and your smiles!
May YHVH bless you all greatly!

After that, we opened the prayer box and each took one to pray aloud...

um...too cute to not include. She looks like she is intent on reading it aloud hey! so cute!

We prayed that God would forgive the sins of our forefathers of our nation, we prayed for our friends + for our community for those who don't know Him. It was brief but very 'our family' - children wriggling, baby crying, etc. Not 'perfect' in someone else's eyes but perfect in mine because it is who our family is!
I have been reminded so many times over lately that man sees only the outward appearance but God sees the heart!

I am seeing Yom Teruah (feast of trumpets) as a time for the individual to come back and teshuvah (return) to Him. The trumpet sounded as a call to repentance for each individual heart.
Yom HaKippuim (day of atonement) seems to be a time when the nation of Israel was to confess their sins onto the Azazel (scapegoat).
We are preparing our hearts for Sukkot (feast of tabernacles) this coming week.
I LOVE His feasts! They pour such richness into my life and make so much more sense of the scriptures. As I'm looking more into this coming feast, I'm seeing it as a time for the nations to come in repentance to Him (more on this later).

Anyway, just wanted to share about this day before Sukkot (feast of tabernacles) this coming week.
Much love,
Lus x


Andi said...

Lusi - I love this post, I love hearing how other are learning and sharing about His moed's. I am ever so greatful about His leading and instruction.
Shalom and Love!

Elisa Love*it said...

So glad I found your blog today! Lovely to read about what you guys are living and learning about too. Isn't it an awesome journey, and the Feasts are so rich with meaning, like a tapestry with many layers. I so want to get together with you soon.

Love Elisa

Christine said...

beautiful post and what a lovely day of discovery you've described :-)

love you guys and can't wait to see you all...


lusi said...

Thanks Andi! I was thinking of u tonight because I was showing my family the sukkah building video on your blog! Bless you sweet sister!

And Elisa!!!! Thanks for leaving such an encouraging comment! Would SO love to get together with u sometime soon too! Hope u are feeling well with bubby arriving soon!
Love in Him,
Lus x


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