Saturday, July 10, 2010

Today + Tonight in no particular order...

* I had a lovely Sabbath rest + a long soaking bath
* I ate a yummy meatloaf dinner
* I heard my Anth's voice when she rang from Wales :)
* I started work on our new 'Monumental Moments' book; family testimonies of ways God has faithfully answered prayer for us, how we have seen Him move + how He has touched our lives so we don't ever forget!
* I cuddled my boyos through fevers
* I watched part of another DVD in the El Shaddai Ministries 'The Feasts of the Lord' series
* I lit a rasberry + honey candle in the kitchen
* I have re-organised my portable sewing bag
* I have been so thankful for Brett's help in SO many ways
* I have gotten some good advice about how to use hydrogen peroxide + colloidal silver to help sick kids
* I read from Isaiah 58
* I am in the process of setting up a little writing/card station organised + accesible for everyone in the fam
* I am enjoying lemon + honey teas

It's so nice to *see* some of you back here again. I really treasure my blogging friends + I thank you all for sharing your  thoughts + heart with me over the years.
Much love x


Anonymous said...

Lusi, I only re(stumbled)across your blog again. Last time we chatted via email, you said you were stopping your blog. I was sad,but understood completely. :)

May you all be better very soon and I look forward to your blogs.

I always feel so calm when I read your blogs. :)

You are an amazing person. You are an inspiration to us all.

Take care,

Nadia :)

lusi said...

Hi Nadia!
Hope you are going well! Lovely to *see* you back here :)
Glad you stopped by.
I'm glad you are inspired when you come here - i firmly believe with all my heart that is the Holy Spirit touching your life through mine.
God bless you lots Nadia,
Much love,
Lusi x

kathy said...

Am loving reading your blog!
I hope you all get better really soon!

lusi said...

Hi Kathy!
I am so glad you have enjoyed reading stuff here. Blessed to have you pop by! We have really had such an onslaught with this sickness but feel like it is such a good way to teach the kids how to be 'patient in affliction' (part of a passage from Romans 12 that is our memory verse this week!) funny how God wants us to live the words we speak!
how are you guys? hows your homeschool prep going?
much love to you Kathy!
Lus x

kathy said...

We are all pretty well. Essence is a bit sick again but it seems like it's the way it's going to be this winter.
Getting excited now but scared too. I'm just getting everything together. I'm hoping that by starting with one this next term I will ease myself in before the next two the term after. I'm just hoping we will all be able to cope being together 24/7. I found your post in the educational/homeschool sites great!

lusi said...

Sounds like it is all going ahead beautifully Kathy! Good on you mate! Our Father will keep leading you! You know I wondered that same thing about the whole 'coping' with being together 24/7/365! But I can't even begin to tell you how our family relationships have changed (for the better!) because of it. There have been some really hard moments (but we were having them anyway!) but overall we can't believe how God has changed each of us + given us a real deep love of being together.
Bless you Kathy!
Love Lusi x


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