Monday, July 12, 2010

Best thing Ever....

...about today was:
not the fever Zip had tonight
or the vomitting she did just before it.

the best thing about today was:
not going to the lake with hot chips
only to realise i hadn't packed the nappy bag with a change of clothes for Zip since she had just chucked up (for the first time) in the car on the way there

the best thing about today was:
not dealing with a croopy/coughing/upset child for the 8th day in a row
nor ringing my friend Rachie to tell her that we couldn't make Zoe's birthday party tomorrow + have all the kids upset about since they had been looking forward to it for the past month

the best thing about today was:
not filling in another script for another child with tonsilitis
nor wondering WHY these pharmacies make PINK suspension mixes (believe me for a child who has been 'off' colours for the past near 3 years, it can really screw with their already compromised systems!)

seeing my grandma in FIJI on SKYPE for the FIRST.TIME. I haven't seen her in the flesh for 8.YEARS. I don't think she's even used a computer before. She can't speak English yet she said 'love you Zipporah!' to Zippi. I GOT TO HEAR HER VOICE! We got to laugh + cry together. I felt like she was in the same room as me. It was AWESOME!

Love + miss her beyond words.

skyping with Natti tonight for the FIRST.TIME! lol!

Having a hot chip picnic in the backyard, hearing from Sumi, having some warm chicken soup + yummy fresh bread, thinking about some deep stuff + planning some new stuff all came in closely behind!

5 things I am thankful for today:

1. Skype
2. Skype
3. Skype
4. Skype
5. Skype

lol :)


Tara said...

Hey Lus, do you like Skype? ;)

Grrr at the chemist... we are not so strict with colours so it isn't an issue with us, but wouldn't it be nice if you could ask them for no colour and they could do it!

Grace to you and yours during this time of sickness.

frills and spills said...

Yep - skype rocks!!! We use it all the time here :)

Hope you're all well really soon!

Jas xx

lusi said...

lol yep lovin me some skype!

tara, you can get the suspension mixture done up especially but we'd have to travel a 2 hour round trip to get it done and who wants to travel that far when kids are so sick? it's been a bit of a challenge but honestly they are not as bad as i thought they might be! yay for that!

thanks for your thoughts + prayers Tara + to you both x

rvavic said...

Babes... that would have been awesome to Skype your grandma! How very precious.

So sorry that Zip has been so sick. Sorry they've all been a sick... glad Stass is almost better?

Argh... we went through similar, tonsillitis (of course that medicine concoction would be so bad for allergies, never even thought of that!)...

Hoping they all feel much better soon.

lusi said...

love to you beautiful bx
still hoping to drive down to see you guys this year!
much love xox


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