Friday, July 9, 2010

sick :(

1. Liji with tonsilitis + fevers + is slowly getting his voice back
2. Ethi with same, fevers + no voice + conjunctivitis
3. Meds chart for the kids (not including mine or the natural stuff we are doing either!)
4. Brett making raw garlic + butter on toast for the kids for brekky
5. Stass almost recovered but just resting

Zippi has an ear infection + bad cough but looks a little better this morning.
Me shocking cough + sore throat but no fevers praise God.
Brett is the only one who is well! Yay!

We couldn't get into our regular dr yesterday + there was not one vacancy for even one of us to be seen. So off we trotted to the hospital. I packed a whole bag of things (safe diet foods + activties) just in case we were going to be there all day. On the way there Brett prayed that we would be seen by a doctor quickly + that the triage nurses would be kind + understanding. Knowing that there were 5 of us to be seen at once, I was not looking forward to it to be honest.
Can you believe it? An hour after we arrived, we were on our way home! Yep - every prayer that Brett prayed was answered! WThe nursing staff were kind + compassionate, the dr saw us quickly + wrote out the necessary scripts. He even gave us two lots of sample antibiotics for nothing. How kind! We were gobsmacked!
Praise Him that He is always with us, preparing the way ahead even before we get there.

Full bed rest day today :)

5 things I am thankful for today:

1. Warm blankets to snuggle under
2. Answered prayers!
3. The excellent medical system we have access to
4. Garlic
5. Brett being well
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frills and spills said...

Praise God for going before you yesterday!!! WOW :)
Praying that you are all well soon.
Jas xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Lusi,
I stopped following you when you stopped your blog last year and just happened to be doing some blog surfing and found you again. Greg to see the Scrap of Faith girls are putting challenges up again. Sorry your little family is sick but it looks like God is looking after you.
Take Care

Tara said...

Hooray that the hospital got you in and out quickly. I hope that everyone is feeling better very soon, and that Brett stays healthy.

Not sure if this would be helpful for all the medicines, but I remember coming across it the other day....

rvavic said...

Hey my lovely friend.
So happy you are back in blog land.
I must give you a call soon so we can catch up.
LOVE LOVE LOVE to you all.
Sorry all a bit sick :(
Get better, stay warm... eat soup.
and Kisses.

joven said...
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joven said...
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joven said...
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Gayle said...

oh :( Praying your kiddlets get well really soon.

lusi said...

Jas, Bek + Gayle; thanks so much for the love + prayers. You are all such beautiful sweet friends :) xox

Tara; thanks mate + thanks for the link to that blog - WOW she is one highly organised woman! Much love mate xox

Anthea; thanks for your comment + so glad you dropped in! Lots of love xox


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