Tuesday, June 22, 2010

This girl means the world to me...

Happy birthday my beautiful Anth. I love you + miss you so much. I wish I was in Wales sitting with you in a cafe soaking up the sun on your birthday. I would love to have been there to have a real cake with you (not just a skype one!). Wish I could pray with you in person, hug you + be there for your first very difficult birthday...But that's not possible and so from here, across the seas, mate I send you my deepest love + biggest hugs. You are such a blessing to me + I am SO thankful the Lord caused our paths to cross at college over 10 years ago now. Praise Him! God bless you my darling friend!
Lus x


Tara said...

Good friends are such a blessing. Happy birthday Anth. :)

Anthea said...

Thank you Lusi my sister in Christ and in other ways too. xx


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