Sunday, June 20, 2010

Gettin Healthy!

A couple of years ago after being on steroids for some time (for the auto-immune-blood disease I had), I realised that I had really packed on the pounds and was looking for a way to get rid of them! I was given the book BACK IN SHAPE AFTER BABY BY DIANNE BARKER WILSON from my lovely friend Nomes R. It was really eye-opening for me. This lovely lady had photo-documented her journey from being a size 22 down to a size 10. It took her 3 years. Now I'm not trying to say that a size 10 is the optimum! Not at all: but I think we all know when we feel healthy and in control of what we eat and when we feel unhealthy and what we eat controls us. I loved that Dianne writes from a Christian woman's perspective and touches on a whole lot of issues that confront a busy mama trying to get healthy. Loved her book!

I was very inspired by her journey. At that time I lost about 25kg (over the course of a year) just be changing what I ate and when I ate it and also by walking heaps.

Lately I've been feeling really unhealthy again in my body. My mind however, is much more free and released from old thought patterns of coveting what other people look like - praise God because He did that! However, I wanted to lose about 10kg's to feel healthier for my body's sake.

So I have revisited the aforementioned book and it has really helped me. I have lost 2.3kg in the last 3 weeks (almost 5 x 500g maragine containers!) And I feel better already! I wanted to outline my eating plan so I can remember it in the days ahead. I am very free in it + don't keep to this everyday but it has been a great help to be reminded of how just a few small changes and a little effort really help!

500ml chocolate soy milk + 1 cup high fibre cereal (i am using a coles 'Right Start' and it tastes yummy!) Sometimes I add in some berries or a banana and put it all in the blender (since I HATE eating cereal! I can drink it though and actually remember to EAT and ENJOY brekky if I have it this way - just personal preference).

150g low fat yoghurt + a piece of fruit
or a piece of bread + yougurt
or a boiled egg + piece of fruit (or any of them in a combo!)

200g chicken breast (i've been buying a bulk pack of chicken breast then separating them into a little zip lock bag + just getting it out of the freezer that morning so it defrosts in time for lunch) OR 200g tuna with either 100g of cooked rice or pasta AND a massive garden salad with a balsamic vinegarette or basil-style salsa. How's that for yummy eating! It's a HUGE meal and I am LOVING it!

boiled egg (white only) if i didn't have one for morning tea
piece of fruit
or a yoghurt if i didn't have it earlier
or some raw vegies

150g (roughly i never measure) of meat or fish
and either little or no carbs depending on how I am feeling!

Like I said, I'm not fanatical about it but I do feel in control again and i can feel that it is working. I bought a treadmill recently but haven't used it very often. Am hoping to get on it a couple of times a week but again, am not being ruled by it or the lack of time to get in there. Just kind of going with the flow and making the effort when it fits in with the other stuff we have going on around here.

Well that's about it I guess. Am hoping to continue to make slow but steady progress on this journey.
L x


Hazel said...

good on you Lusi! Ive been doing a 12 week challenge with the gym and in 2 weeks i lost 2.5kg and 12.5cm off various places (5cm off waist). doing exercise and healthy diet and i feel great, i can truly understand how you feel!! mind you, feeling a bit distant from church stuff and people instead!
would love to catch up when you free, love hazel xxx

lusi said...

Thanks for the encouragement Hazel and good on you too mate :) Being healthy (regardless of a kg weight attached to it) really is my goal + eating healthier than I have been. I think it sets a good example to our kiddos too. Missed you this weekend and would love to catch up soon too mate. Will give you a buzz!
Love Lus x

Sarah said...

Hey Lusi,

I love what you have written under your profile, that's awesome! I think your awesome and I am really loving to get to know you through blogging and facbook!

Great eating plan! I too am on a 'lose 10kg' eating plan aswel! It's been only 4 weeks since I miscarriaged, so I have been waiting for my body to restore so I can build up my fitness again!

Great post! Keep us in touch, it's so encouraging! xxx

lusi said...

Hi lovely Sarah! I've been enjoying getting to know you more too mate. You are a real blessing + the hope and joy of God shines through you!
I've been thinking of you lots lately. How are you doing?
Sending LOTS of love as you recover from the loss of your precious little one. I wish I lived closer to give you a big hug + make you a meal or hang out a bit.
Anyway, thanks for your comment and look forward to hearing more about your journey.
Love Lus x

ffordd y drindod said...

How's this going mate? After a few weeks? xxx

Hi mate :)

lusi said...

Hi my Anth :)
It's going really well! I only weigh in once a month now so am not sure if it's showing in the kg's BUT I am really feeling the difference + that's what counts! Sticking to it as much as is possible + it's feeling really good - praise the Lord!I ran a bit the other day and it didn't feel too awful! Yay!
Love you Anth!


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