Sunday, June 20, 2010

So a little while ago, I saw a funky laptop idea at IKEA called the Jonas workstation. I thought it was a really cute idea - had a little flip down hinged door to hide it away. It really appealed to me because I wanted our laptop accessible and up high out of the way of teeny tiny fingers :) What didn't appeal to me was the price tag...$279 which I could not justify spending on a piece of furniture like that.

So....the challenge was to come up with a similar style organisation solution using something we already owned. And this is what I came up with...

It's a wooden shelf we already had which was taking up residence in the garage. We bought 4 off them a couple of years ago for $15 each! Such a bargain looking back. A country shop I used to browse through was closing and they offered the store fittings to their customers. I snapped these up and they once upon a time held the kids' toy boxes. Anyway, the bottom shelf now houses the potatoes/sweet potatoes, the middle basket is for the kids' hats/gloves/scarves and the top shelf is now my own little lapstop station!
It sits under our photoboards in the main part of our house so I can have music cranking from here now and actually be able to enjoy hearing it properly! I've also set up my photo printer next to it so I can use it more often and document more of the kids' work, print it off and pop it straight away in their homeschool portfolios (fancy work for big fat white folder!).
I also like that I have to stand up here because it means I have to be intentional about my computer time. No more wasting time sitting on the lounge...and then looking up and realising a good portion of the night has gone never to return!
Am happy with this compromise!
Just sharing... :)
L x


Bec said...

hi lus -gr8 idea -i'd seen it in ikea too and thought it would be handy, your place is looking lovely, i don't know how u do all the wonderful things u do! your an inspiration! love bec

Diane said...

Well done. It looks lovely.
And what a great idea to stand up at the computer - yes!!!! Starting to ponder the possibilities.


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