Friday, June 18, 2010

Stuff from the week that was...

Edited to add some snaps (btw can't be bothered adding these into the right places in the text below so will just leave em here!)...
Me + Liji on our date night... Princess Zipporah growing up! Here she is 14 months old...
Snacks we shared with my parents while watching *some* of the state of origin (i say some since the tv goes off if there are any fights or ads - bleh!)...

The kids taking apart a dvd player with Brett...

The kids painting a birdhouse (from a kit) with Brett...

So much!

* Mum + Dad visited while so we could watch the State of Origin together. Had some lovely snacks. Mum gave Stass a piano lesson and we had a lovely time as usual.

* Had tea with Brett's fam while Pete (brett's half bro) was visiting. Was a lovely, lovely night!

* I've lost 1.5 kg so far (over 2 weeks) using the eating plan from the book 'Back in Shape After Baby' by Diane Barker-Wilson. Thankful for God challenging me on the self-control issue and the not-coveting-what-other-people-look-like thing. Happy to be feeling a bit healthier too :)

* Kids have enjoyed creating a whole heap of things out of lego this week with Brett: trucks with doors, campsites, undercover police cars with hidden cameras too apparently!

* Going to Ezra's birthday party :)

* Having Sarah + Kristen + kiddos come and visit for morno's/lunch - so lovely to catch up and hear about what's happening in their families. So lovely that God is doing things in each of our families :) Safe travels back to the States Sar! Kristen, please come again!

* Zippi is talking up a storm! She's such a sweet little chatterbox :) Love hearing her mimic!

* I got another 2 fillings done this week (4 now altogether) and have another 3 to get done next week. Then 4 wisdom teeth to be removed at once next month (although we are praying about whether or not to get all 4 pulled at the same time - and in the chair!)

* Kids pulled apart the old broken dvd with Brett at his suggestion since he has been off work again this week (torn medial ligament in his knee). They loved getting in there and getting their hands dirty so to speak!

* New maths concepts - Liji was introduced to bar graphs, Ethi completed learnt about cutting shapes in half, Stassi did some work with Brett on angles too.

* Writing - kids wrote about their experience of taking apart the dvd player with Brett.

* Creativity - Liji: made and coloured himself a blue Thunderbirds hat which he wore pretty much the whole day! He finished a dinosaur with split pins in it with Brett. Ethi: made me a beautiful card and made one for Ezra's birthday too. Stass: Made some cards too. Me: Had a lesson from mum on how to crochet the edge of a washer.

* We were given a credit of $260 from our phone carrier for a mistake they made. WOW! A complete surprise but a real blessing! Thanks Lord!

* I got some organisational issues sorted out with our homeschooling record keeping cupboard/boxes/folder/clipboards and other bits and pieces. This new way seems to be working better now.

* The kids painted up a birdhouse this week from a kit we chose from Bunnings last week. It looks fantastic! They did it with Brett over a couple of days. He's going to finish it off with some laquer and mount it on a wooden frame i think. Can't wait to see some birds coming to it soon :)

*Liji and I had a little date night together going to our local cinema - not to see a movie but to check out the artworks in the foyer. We finished the night playing Daytona racing and a little air hockey. So fun!

* The Lakers beat Boston (NBA) much to Brett's delight!

* Lovely chat with Nat on the phone :)

* Kids went out early one morning to scrape frost off a table + freeze it for Pupu (my dad) to see!

* Cooked one or two meals with 'high salicylates' and there was not much reaction during the week from the kids. Yay! We are continuing to do this gradually to test out how their systems cope and are hoping to be back onto just a preservative free diet by the end of the year with being able to eat more moderate and high salicylate foods every now and then...we'll see!

* Have written songs for the following memory verses: jeremiah 6:16, Romans 8:35-39, Romans 5:2-5 this week and taught them to the kids who have picked them up really well - thank you Holy Spirit!

* Finished the new memory verse album and it works better than the jump ring.

* Read about the Wheat and the Tares in the Bible

* Kids favourite worship song this week has been 'Days of Elijah' since they saw the actions being done in church last weekend. Been a hot request fave in the mornings!

* Baked a Basco cake for the first time to see how liji copes with the milk solids in it. Hopefully it will be processed ok although will have to wait a couple of days to see.

* Lovely skype with Anth this week :) Love you mate!

* Sorted through my fabric stash + culled some.

* Garage finally decluttered and organised.

* Great Women's Bible study at church this week :) Great thoughts shared.

* Lovely time hanging with Abby afterwards :)

*Snuck in a quick bath tonight when my sciatic nerve was pinched again. Only on the cane for a little while. Praise God!

5 things am thankful for this week:

1. The 'donation' by some special mates of the dvd player to us
2. Green grass
3. Lego!
4. The End Times Watch emails - loving reading about Israel especially
5. Brett being home and watching him lovingly spend time with the kids


singing mama said...

Hey Lovely Lusi,
sounds like a great week! Very blessed!
Lilys fav song is days of Elijah! She has made up actions to it herself.
Praise God for your full but blessed week!
Luv Donna

Karen L said...

Sounds like a busy week Lusi, but a blessed week. Love catching up on life at the Austins. May God continue to bless you guys as you seek to serve him in your family life.

Tara said...

Sounds like a very full, and wonderful week.


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