Saturday, June 26, 2010

Living in this Age...

Daily, I have alot of thoughts about this present age we are living in.... I am learning how to be an 'End Times' watcher.

I am learning more + more about Israel + their part in this great End Time drama. I am reading parts of ancient prophecy (Daniel, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, etc) in a whole new light. I'm reading Revelation, that elusive (what does this mean???? book) with some understanding for the first time. I'm learning to look at the way the things are playing out on the home + international political stages + am actually seeing things (and caring about it - which is a first for me!) Gone are the days where I am turning my eyes away + thinking, 'I don't really care about any of this - i'm just not that into it'. In fact, God is quickening my heart + helping me to understand more and more of what is happening as we live in these end times. It's not something that I went seeking out, although I've often prayed for a greater understanding of the Bible + of the times we are living in. But I haven't gone looking for all this. He, in His loving grace + mercy has begun showing me things to watch...and is opening the eyes of my heart.

Does this mean I am freaking out all the time? Not at all - rather the opposite! I feel really at peace knowing that God has already written out the story. I feel at peace that He has actually told us to watch and not be caught off guard. I feel excited that there is still more (and better) to come even though there is also hardship ahead. He has given us such HOPE for the future + such promises of PEACE, RESTORATION + unspeakable JOY!

Does this mean I am saying I know when the end of the world is coming? No! But I am enjoying reading about prophecies that give us some clues of what to look for. There are so many clues He has left us and I am enjoying reading + learning about them.

Does this mean I'm one of 'those freeeeeaky Christians'? Well that would be for you to decide (!!!) but God knows my heart. He is leading me on this journey + speaking His truths to me. I am just learning how to embrace them + seek Him more. All I want to do is live for Him, with Him living through me. My prayer is that He would glorify Himself through all that I do and say. Of course, I fall so short like everyone else but boy am I glad for His grace + forgiveness! I don't want to be so 'obsessed' about the end that I don't live in the here and now - I've met people like that and it's hard to have a convo with them about anything else. But I also feel like we have been blinded into not caring about looking ahead. Jesus told His followers to "keep watch" (matt 25:13). And that's what I want to do.

"Stand at the cross-roads and look
Ask for the Ancient Paths,
Ask where the good way is
And walk in it.
And you will find rest for your souls"
- Jeremiah 6:16

Does any of this interest you too? Do you yearn to understand more of the times we are living in and the times ahead for all the people of the world? Ask for the 'ancient paths'. Ask for understanding. He will give it to you.

Well, 'just saying'...with my BIG love,
Lus x


Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

There is a blessing pronounced in the Bible that says we are blessed when we read the book of Revelation. God very much wanted us to study it so that we would have an urgency and compassion for non-Believers.

Thanks for your comments on my blog. If you ever have questions about the consequence chart feel free to email me. It's on the right side of my blog under "welcome".

frills and spills said...

Hey Lus!
It's something I've been thinking about lately too. I used to try not to think about it as when I was little I often heard "freaky" Christians discussing it and it scared me. But now it's hard to ignore, as you said, when you look at what's happening in our world today. Funny thing, the other day someone questioned me about the book of Revelation and the fact that it can be hard to make sense of it. So I've been reading it and getting a lot out of it.

I love that scripture you shared from Jeremiah, it's not one that has jumped out at me before. But just reading it now, it's given me some clarity on another issue. So thanks for sharing!

Love Jas xx

Nicolee said...

so loving 'freeeeeakky christians'...LOL God is so good!!
Love ur post, thanks for stirring me up!

lusi said...

Hi Stacie - thanks so much for visiting and leaving that encouraging comment. Bless you + your precious family!

Hi lovely Jas - praise God that He is drawing us both to look closer in His Word to seek Him + His Truths. Yes that Jeremiah verse is really incredible hey mate. Praise Him!

Nic - Glad the Holy Spirit stirred you up mate; I'm sure feeling that way too. Loads of love to you xox


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